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Painting Center Console?

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Hey Everyone. I was wondering, Has anyone tried to paint their center console? or the outside mirrors? I have an '88 Fox GL, In the dark red, and I was thinking about painting the center console red to match.
Would I need to sand it? Or should I just leave it, and be happy that I will have two extra consoles for my car?
Any advice would be great.
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Re: Painting Center Console? (dtompsett)

Here is what I have done for interior plastics:
door panels on ford pickups, 3-guage consoles for A1 Rabbits, etc, I sand it down good, smooth or not, and shoot it with a coat of "rock guard". It gives a texture like rubberized undercoating, but dries nice and hard. Then, after that cures, I 'scuff' it with scotch pads and shoot it the color I want. Remember, if there is any flex in the plastic piece, you will want a paint that can also flex. I was mixing my own paint and shooting it from a jam gun, so I mixed in a flex agent. The ford door panels I did (on a friends diesel rig) still look good, and that was done back in '93. So the wear factor or crack/peel/flake factor isnt an issue. And this is a 1 ton work truck that gets ALOT of abuse, put it this way, the guy who owns it is named "cowboy". No S#!t
Re: Painting Center Console? (vwcabby)

quote:[HR][/HR]you goto your grocery store and get one of those plastic scrubbies you would use on your dirty dishes. [HR][/HR]​
That is basically what a scotch pad is. Works great. And yes, a good soap and water wash would be enough for prep, assuming you let it time to dry. Paint and water do not mix.
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