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Painting Center Console?

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Hey Everyone. I was wondering, Has anyone tried to paint their center console? or the outside mirrors? I have an '88 Fox GL, In the dark red, and I was thinking about painting the center console red to match.
Would I need to sand it? Or should I just leave it, and be happy that I will have two extra consoles for my car?
Any advice would be great.
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Re: Painting Center Console? (dtompsett)

My opinion is that it would look odd all smoothed and painted, no matter what color. (I shudder when I peer through the windows of some of the local Honduhs and see yellow or red paint globbed over everything plastic in sight.)
What I suggest is painting it with the type of paint that dries with a slight texture. Even the local wal-mart should have a selection of these paints; most of them are for exterior use and as long as they say they wont harm plastic then its all good.
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