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Painting Wheels???

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The question is as follows...
I'm thinking about getting some O.Z. Super Tourismos. Except I don't want them in white, I would rather go for the BTCC look and paint them black. Is this something that can be done with a powercoat? Does it have to be actuall Paint? How much would something like this cost and where could I get it done.
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Re: Painting Wheels??? (pnkthnurma)

http://www.wheelcollision.com can have them done for you, but they're in Bath, PA, and you'd have to ship them there to get it done, but they do fantastic work and have had a great writeup on the 'tex. E mail Eric ([email protected]) and ask him for suggestions for a local source, but your closest source may be California. Good luck...
Re: Painting Wheels??? (Blk95VR6)

I heard somewhere that powdercoating is more durable then paint/clearcoat process. Btw wheelcollison only paints wheels they don't clearcoat. I called them about month ago about this. If you want to powdercoat check these guys out.. they located in PA also http://www.parts-is-parts.com/

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Re: Painting Wheels??? (beetle and gti 1.8t lover)

beetle and gti 1.8t lover,
Thanks a lot, I should have clarified the painting thing. I am looking for powdercoating in the near future as well and appreciate the link...

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Re: Painting Wheels??? (pnkthnurma)

awsome post...thanks guys!
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