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Re: paintless dent removal...how effective? (wsb)

I agree, it depends on a lot of things.
-age of the dent (fresh dents are easier to fix than old dents.
-depth of the dent
-color of the car/quality of the paint.
-as noted in previous post, experience of the tech.
I did this for a while, and most small dents can be fixed to the point where there is littler to no evidence the dent was ever there. Once the metal has stayed dented for more than a couple months, it becomes harder to fix, because the metal has begun to stretch slightly, making its 'natural' state with dent, rather than having the dent be a point of tension. Not sure if that makes sense...hmmm...
Anyways, actual bends in the metal probably should get actual body work. Dings/dents of a smaller nature (slight or no creasing) should be repairable via paintless dent repair. Prices will vary...we charged something like $50/panel, regardless of how many dents were in the panel...that was several years back, so prices may have changed. You could always just get an estimate from one of your local places, and see if they guarantee the work (needless to say, if they don't, avoid them.)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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