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Panasonic DP610 changer question

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I have 2001 GTI without the Monsoon sound system. I bought the Panasonic DP610 and the adapter for my car. I'm upgrading my stuff, and want to sell the changer to my friend who drives a 2000 Jetta with Monsoon. I was checking to see if it would work in his car, and found that the adapter didn't seem to fit the connection in his car. Is there another adapter for Jettas/Monsoon audio systems that I am unaware of? Thanks.
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Re: Panasonic DP610 changer question (KYWFU99)

Re: Panasonic DP610 changer question (KYWFU99)

I don't think there is a different adapter for the Monsoon.
Here is something to look out for, however: Some people have reported that there is a plug covering the actual connector that is attached to the pre-wired cable in the trunk; apparently this plug is there to protect the actual connector. This plug is very cleverly disguised, such that some people have confused it with the connector. If this plug is there, it has to be removed before you attach the adapter.
Naturally, I can't say for sure that this is the cause of your problems; it is just an idea of one thing to check.
Good luck!
Re: Panasonic DP610 changer question (MojoMan)

Thanks man, I'll check it out.
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