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Pandora update: 600 miles, so far so good!

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Did my 500 mile oil change after the cruise up to Brea... boy nothing like the look of oil at that first change with a new motor, all the metal particles are so pretty...
anyways, took the valve cover off and checked the BBM 268 cam. Pleasantly surprised that it survived the initial break-in with no premature wear! However, I noticed it's not completely broken in yet... still some roughness on the base circle parts of the lobes. So I'm gonna give it another 500 mile checkup before I rip into it. For now I'm moving my rev limit from 3000rpm to 4000rpm, but I'm still keeping boost under 5psi while the bottom end is so new.
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Re: Pandora update: 600 miles, so far so good! (g60racer)

I just put about 500 miles on my new moter and 268 cam too... What chip are you running? Do you find the car hesitating at verry low RPM when driving in traffic. It seems like it wants to bogg out unless I keep the RPM up at random stops...
Re: Pandora update: 600 miles, so far so good! (LarryG60)

Larry give MATRIX a call they should be able to fix your problem with some updated software. I don't know if there software is done but it will get you buy alot better, they are going to be finnishing up the software vary soon!
Re: Pandora update: 600 miles, so far so good! (1993jetta GL)

I'm running an Autothority chip, was a stage 3 that they did a little extra tuning on for me. The extra tuning for the 268 cam worked just fine in the low end, especially idle (idles nice and smooth). No hesitation at all at low rpms or part throttle, but I actually used to run out of fuel up top, had to upgrade the injectors to 310cc and up the fuel pump to 190L/hr instead of 120L/hr.
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