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Hi Guys & Gals
I say "Parasitic Drain" because I can't think of any other terminology to describe the problem
I am now on my second new battery, both are correct for the vehicle i.e. 77Ah
If the vehicle is left for two days it will fail to start.
I have tried all of the Forums that I belong to including this one and nobody has come up with an alternative solution, i.e. a wire from the negative terminal post and another wire to the negative lead both to finish at my multimeter set to mA's and i have going through all the fuses.
I have also searched on YouTube
I have even left the vehicle for two hours for it to go to sleep
There is no light in the glove box i.e. I have taken the festoon bulb out the same with the interior light.
When I start the car the ignition light goes out immediately
When I leave the vehicle the ONLY thing that is illuminated is the triangle for the hazard warning lights.
Has anybody had this or similar where all the fuses where normal but still losing a charge after two days
My vehicle is a A3 1.9Tdi 3 door hatchback P1 2009
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