While the new Passat was first shown in July, the Paris Motor Show marked the first time that we were able to see one in person.  In being around the car, it becomes quite clear that this Passat is more technology-driven than previous generations.  We haven't had the chance to drive the car just yet, but it's a safe assumption that the driving experience will be much improved as well, as the new Passat is not only much lighter, but more powerful than the outgoing car as well.

All-New Passat


Volkswagen is calling their all-new Passat a "premium class car without premium costs", and after seeing one in person, we'd agree.  That's a good thing, because as Volkswagen's highest volume vehicle, it's one that they need to get right.  This generation of European Passat bridges the gap between Audi and Volkswagen more than ever, with a shift towards integrating as much technology as possible, including the TT-esque "Active Info Display."  There is no information on US availability at this time, but with Volkswagen's recent investment in the North American market, we can expect to see something very similar in the coming years.

Passat GTE


Volkswagen's latest addition to its plug-in hybrid line, the Passat GTE, was officially unveiled during Volkswagen Group Night boasting a range of more than 1000km.  When both motors are paired together, the Passat GTE is propelled by roughly 220hp, and is capable of at top speed of over 130mph.  Potential buyers likely aren't concerned with those figures, but will be more impressed by the Passat's 50km range in purely electric mode.  Volkswagen's Passat GTE will go on sale in Germany later this year and will be available in sedan or wagon form.

Passat R-Line


On the other end of the Passat spectrum is the R-Line, which for the time being, is the sportiest of the range.  While the power output remains unchanged from the rest of the Passat range, the R-Line receives the usual upgrades associated with that branding.  Beyond the sportier exterior and interior features, stiffer suspension and tinted windows, the R-Line Passat will feature Volkswagen's progressive steering system to transform how the car feels in the bends.