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Part numbers please!!!

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I have been doing research for part numbers that I need. I am slightly confused, if anyone could help I would appreciate it.
Front outter CV joints
Front wheel bearings
Front ABS sensors
Front upper strut bearings
O2 sensors (both)
Lower strut bearing??? - Do they exist? I was told I need them.
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Re: Part numbers please!!! (FastVR6VW)

You could check the parts diagrams here:
It's sometimes not the easiest thing to navigate through, but just about every number I've ever needed was here.
Re: Part numbers please!!! (Ron L)

Wow that was the most excellent link I have ever found. Is that the famed EKTA? I would so love to have that on my computer....
Many thanks http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Part numbers please!!! (kmead)

On http://catalog.exist.ru/ I can pick the year, then the car, then the group or whatever, and I get an exploded picture of parts, with a number against each part.
How do I then get a VW part number for a part that I can see on the diagram?
Re: Part numbers please!!! (christi)

you press next one more time! then you get a list of part numbers and descriptions
Re: Part numbers please!!! (WannaCorrado)

WannaCorrado is exactly right. That's the part where I said it's a great site, but maybe not the easiest to navigate.
Re: Part numbers please!!! (WannaCorrado)

Here's a funny thing. That final "next" button doesn't appear in Netscape (6.2), but it does in IE. Well there you go.
Re: Part numbers please!!! (christi)

Thanks guys, I found my parts from Roy Rodgers here in Memphis. Needless to say I found all the parts for $700 versus $1400 at the dealer and $1200 online. Needless to say I am happy about it all. Now I just have to completely redo my front end. BTW in the $700 there are completely new OEM axles too!!!
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