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Update: At this point the shell is gone and most of the exterior panels I had are gone as well. I still have tons of mechanical parts, trim, electronics, and aftermarket parts. ***Lots of pics here of everything that's left: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthre...Island-NY)&p=84845877&viewfull=1#post84845877 ***

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to get rid of every last nut and bolt off my 2002 Indigo Blue GTI and I need your help. I have just started the process of stripping the car down and taking pictures of everything, but I wanted to get a thread up here so I can focus my efforts on the parts that are going to sell right away. For now I am going to list what's NOT available at this point (for those that know my car), and a list of some of the more desirable aftermarket parts that ARE available so you can get an idea.

Everything listed in this thread is in addition to my garage sale thread found here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4830540-GTI-1.8T-Garage-Sale-Long-Island-NY

Once the car is completely stripped I will combine the two threads into one, but for now to keep my sanity they're staying separate.

What's NOT available:
-body panels (besides hood)
-1.8T long block
-Boost hoses and intake ducting
-02J transmission and axles
-Roll cage
-Aftermarket gauges
-Drivers side door and front fender
-hood release handle and mount bracket
-OEM sunglasses holder in gray
-Upper Grill
-Carbon Fiber hood and hatch
-Aluminum trim set
-034 mount set

Sample of what IS available:
-Schroth Rallye 4 harness pair in blue $120
-Godspeed 2.5" downpipe with extra bung for wide band and Techtonics Tuning 2.5" stainless cat-back with Borla muffler $450
-VDO oil temp ($45) and oil pressure gauges ($30)
-OZ Superleggera 16x8 (silver)with Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 tires $800
-OZ Superleggera 17x8 (black) with Bridgestone all-seasons $800
-TSW Hockenheim R 16x9 and 16x7.5 powder coated black with Kumho V710 265 and 225 r-comps $1000
-OEM 02M axles, slave cylinder line and shifter mount bracket. Power steering pumps (x2), alternators (x2), 02M starter, 1.8T radiator and radiator support, brake master cylinder with reservoir, etc.
-OEM instrument cluster $100
-Power steering lines and reservoirs $25 each
-And more...

Things I'll trade for:
-lightweight aluminum (NOT aluminumized) exhaust. Any exit (rear, side, turndown) ok as long as its light and under 96dB or so.
-Satin Silver front Golf bumper in any condition
-light and wide 17s or 18s without tires. Something like Spinwerks or Enkei Racing wheels

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What ecu do you have.. Engine code? Is it chipped? What tune?
Price shipped to 40165.

Text 5026416651 plz

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Which series of vdo gauges are those? Do they come with the senders? Any LEDs for lighting? Also the condition of the bezel?


Not sure on the series (Vision I think?), and haven't pulled the bulbs out yet to see what's stuffed in there. The boost is mechanical and has nylon line included. The oil temp gauge comes with the sender but the oil pressure gauge will need a new 0-80 PSI sender which runs about $30. They are all in good condition except the boost gauge which has some chips on the bezel.


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Ralleye harnesses? Pictures?
Tried to put pictures of these up last night but my uploaded wasn't working, will get them up in a little bit,

Do u have intercooler pipping where are u located give me a call 3473487379
I have some stock piping available. I am keeping my EVOMS FMIC and all the piping with that.
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