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Parting out:02:vw:gti

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Hey every one, just got a new car so im trying to part out all the performance and styling mods from my mk4 Gti 1.8t. prices are negotiable.
AEM CAI- $200 (with C.A.R.B. sticker)
APR Turbo Inlet pipe- $125
APR Ko4 Turbo Kit- $1300 (only 1000mi on turbo)*
Eurosport Front Strut bar- $80*
H&R 28mm rear sway bar-$250
EVOMS Diverter Valve-$80
EVOMS Steel Braided Brake Lines-$80
Kamei Black Mesh Grill- $100**
Black Headlight assembly with "angel eyes" and Ellipsoid Lens for fogs and driving lights- $100***
VW roof rack- $150
Smoked Side Markers- $15
*= Will need some mounting hardware ie: gaskets, threading screws...
**=the car is reflex silver so this part is painted
***= I can send a picture if interested
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Re: Parting out:02:vw:gti (michaels1.8turbo)

I'll buy the side markers, how do you take payment???
Re: Parting out:02:vw:gti (dirrtymk4)

im trying to figure out how the best ways to take payment are
Re: Parting out:02:vw:gti (michaels1.8turbo)

how about figure out on how to post pics first (forum rules)and we go from there http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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