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I know it sounds crazy to part this car, but last spring I got in a fender bender with it and it bent the driver's side frame rail some. I keep
straightening it but bumps and bangs keep making it fall back down.
This car has no rust except on the driver's fender where it got dented so it would be a shame for these things not to be used.
What is for sale:
Roof - $50
A Pillars with lower windshield tray (no rust) - $80
B-Pillars No rust, no damage - $40 each
Main floor pan (to front of trunk with undamaged rockers) - $50
A-arms - $10.00 each
Light Blue Door cards (no speaker trays) - $40/set
Dark Blue Door cards from 1982 GL (No speaker trays) - $25/set
Light blue carpet from rear window (with speaker holes cut) - $10
Interior Door handles (black, no trim) - $10/each
Heatercore in box with fan - $30
Headliner, soft and supple, original in perfect condition - $50
Interior Plastic (light blue) - $5/piece
What I am willing to trade:
Interior seats (light blue vinyl/grey cloth front & Rear with bolsters) - for GTi Seats (Red or Blue)
Perfect Dash with no cracks (Gli-style light blue includes upper and lower glove box along with lower driver's side tray) for either Early Rabbit MK1 dash or 83-84 Gti Dash (Burgundy or Dark Blue)
Perfect center console (GLi-stle light blue with working gauges) Light blue GLI carpet (Good cond) for Black Rabbit carpet

Email or call me (do not IM me- I won't see it for a month!):
[email protected] - 503.756.7896
Prices don't include shipping!

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