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Some of the parts are now up on Ebay!

The time has come to fully dismantle my Phaeton parts car. I bought it from a guy who bought it at a salvage car auction. It had been in a front end accident that bent the front LH bumper bar (but not the frame), damaged a lot of front end parts and set of both front air bags. However, it still runs and drives and had relatively low odometer reading at about 65,000 miles. Due to it being a base model ’04 V8, it didn’t make financial sense to rebuild it but it has me served well with providing parts for my small Phaeton fleet. However, I’m running out of space so it has to go.

Over the next month I’ll be taking it apart down to the body shell. I’ll keep a good amount of the parts but there will be plenty of parts available, some for sale, most for free. I can ship small and medium size parts at cost (PM me your ZIP for an estimate) but would prefer local pickup (for any SF Bay Area Phaeton drivers). Unfortunately I don’t have the space to store any of the free parts long-term so after a few months I’ll have to dump the parts that are left over. So don’t hesitate to PM me with any offers and parts inquiries. I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ll keep the list of parts below updated.

Here are the details on this Phaeton:

2004 VW Phaeton V8

Exterior Color: CouCou Gray (Code: R7T)
Interior Color: Anthracite, Sensitive Leather (Code: TC)
Wood Trim: Eucalyptus (Code: 7TE)
Engine: V8 (Code: BGH)
Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic (Code: GUH)
Odometer: 65,287 miles

Photos of most of the parts can be seen here: partsphaeton

Available parts – able to ship

For sale:
• Fuel Filler Door, coucou grey, $10
• Rear Mufflers, LH & RH with exhaust pipes, $150

• Set of interior door trim plastic panels, Anthracite (black) color, LH Front
• Set of interior door trim plastic panels, Anthracite (black) color, RH Front
• Set of interior door trim plastic panels, Anthracite (black) color, LH Rear
• Set of interior door trim plastic panels, Anthracite (black) color, RH Rear
• various air ducts, center console and under seat
• various trunk trim panels
• windshield washer reservoir
• ski bag, Anthracite (black) color
• center console storage compartment for rear passengers with two trim pieces
• center console side trim, rearward, Anthracite (black) color
• dash ash tray assembly, one side won’t latch, less wood trim
• gear shift surround trim w/ gear shift curtain
• center console vent for rear passengers
• CD changer/ Navigation drive plastic tray
• Set of interior grab handles, grey
• Trim molding for trunk lid bottom edge, for standard trunk opener
• Dash vent assemblies, less actuators and wood trim, LH, RH, Center
• Front footwell plastic covers, LH & RH
• Radiator air deflectors
• Various interior hard plastic trim panels, Anthracite (black) color
• Air intake ducts, LH & RH, V8
• Engine Cover, no rubber grommets, V8
• Glove Box with door, Anthracite (black) color
• Rear electronics tray, less electronics (below rear shelf)

Available parts – not able to ship due to size

For Sale:
• Sunroof assembly, complete, working, grey color sunshade $150


• Motor
• Transmission
• Suspension
• Differentials
• Rear Bumper Cover
• Trunk lid
• Center Info Screen J523
• Instrument Cluster
• Most interior switches and lights
• All wood trim
• All door panels
• All 4 doors
• Front bumper cover
• both front fenders
• Radiator
• Headlights
• Taillights
• CD changer & navigation drive
• Front & rear seats
• Headliner
• Rear Parcel Shelf
• LH & RH Catalytic Converter w/ center muffler/silencer
• Kessy

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Just saw your ad - wonder if you still have some parts? I meed the following:

- Rear door window trim with the triangular sunshade roll, especially RR but ideally both.
- Driver seat belt mechanism + belt
- trunk harness if in good condition
- the tiny white plastic filter sitting on top of the windshield washer fluid tank, right below the cap (some mechanic lost it during a service while topping up the windshield fluid). The windshield washer tank is still fine, but i wouldn't mind having a spare as well. Judging from your photos, you no longer have the blue cap but seem to still have the filter

If you have any of these pls IM me - I'm in Boston.

Many thanks,

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Need some help...

I recently acquired a 2006 Phaeton 4 seater, and I broke the cupholder release on the passenger front side.
When I opened the drivers side battery compartment it looks like someone broke the plastic brackets that hold everything in place. The battery is in there with a bunch of foam wedged everywhere to keep it in place. So, not sure which items I need, but will be willing to buy more rather than less, to make sure the items get fixed. Can you help?

Also, are these cars supposed to have a belly pan? Mine does not, and I would be interested in yours if it survived!

4x W12, 1x V8
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Congrats on your 4-seater! I have one also and just LOVE it, adds so much style to the interior.

Regarding the parts for the LH battery compartment, that's a common issue unfortunately. Most of the times it's the plastic bracket that the relay panel mounts to, that is broken and doesn't secure it. The battery itself is held in place by a metal bar and one bolt located at the bottom front of the battery. Unfortunately I don't have a good relay panel bracket but I think I still have the metal bar for the battery if you need that.

Yes, the Phaetons came with a two-piece belly pan. The forward one is the same for V8 and W12 models while the rearward one is specific to the engine installed. Again, those usually are all damaged and the one from my parts car is all bad, sorry. I do think they are still available new but are somewhat pricey.

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Thanks very much for the reply. Good info!!
Sure, I'll buy the parts that you do have for the battery... I'm sure its not fastened down well, just by the presence of so much foam.
I'm new to this site, so let me know what you need. My email is jmatters @ gmail.com (Lose the spaces).
Thanks! Jim
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