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I have a two MkV related items that I can bring with if interested:
For sale is the European spec RNS-510. Looking to go in a different direction. Price is firm. Unit comes with radio code and TV In Motion. Features of this unit include:

- Touch screen
- SD card
- Hard disc memory
- 1 CD space (you upload discs to hard disc space)
- Video capability (TV In Motion enabled)
- Navigation/GPS (no address entering)
- No satellite/HD radio

Part Number: 1T0-035-680-C
HW-Version: H04
SW Version: 2660
SV SW-Version: C_EU_9.242_t300
Map Version HDD: 8112

Asking $750 plus shipping (which will include insurance). Located in Allentown, Pa 18104 if you want to pick up.

I know I have explained this several times. I will explain every way to use the navigation via this model:

- POI: place of interest. You can search using a name of a business in a specified location. If you know a house you are going to is next to a Wal-Mart, you can search for that Wal-Mart and navigate to that.

- Point on Map: just what it sounds like. Pick a point on the map and you can navigate there.

- Saved Location: If you have been to a location and you know you will return in the future, you can save the location when you are there. Then all you have to do is select that location from the hard drive memory.

The unit has the North American maps loaded onto it (8M).

I wouldn't lie about being able to use the navigation. It works. You simply cannot navigate to an address.
For sale is a used in good condition OEM transboard, also known as the rear storage tray. Comes with all the rubber inserts. No major damage...just daily use wear. Located in Allentown, Pa and can meet up to 30 minutes away. Asking $175 plus shipping.

I will have detailed photos soon.


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There is stuff in the "PARTOUT HERE" link in my signature. I'll bring it if anyone is interested, but I don't want to carry it in the TTinyRS if people don't want to buy it.

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I'll have some stuff I never got around to installing
New never installed 034 motorsport billet aluminiium Dogbone mount insert for MKV.Asking $30 ($42+shipping new)

And a pair of never used exhaust tips 2.25" inlet 7" length "slash"angle cut ends.Copies of the Magnaflow tips. Asking $60

And the $ would go for raffle tickets:D
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