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parts ***Toronto***

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I got a driver door and passenger door from a rabbit if anyone is interested. One of the door is vented and the other is not.
I also got a Rabbit GTI rear beam with recently done rear shoes, rear cylinders, turned drums, rear bearings, E brake and factory lower sway bar for $100
Email me for more parts and pricing...

[Modified by GTI_Andy, 8:50 PM 2-14-2002]
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Re: parts ***Toronto*** (GTI_Andy)

God damn Andy...you should create a webpage listing all your parts..You got so many damn parts that it'd be easier for people to just see the list and pick from there LOL
Re: parts ***Toronto*** (VWADDICT15)

Nah... too lazy for that right now...
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Re: parts ***Toronto*** (GTI_Andy)

Hey Andy you got any GTI brakes/spindles and calipers?
what about those Konis or the BBS's
Re: parts ***Toronto*** (Crazy Hungarian)

The front koni are spoken for as a trade. If things changes I will let you know. The BBS Trophies are sold.
The GTI front brake assembly is sold.
I got the GTI rear axle with good used shoes, E cable, rear cylinders , rear bearings that was all changed about 8 months ago. It also includes the factory sway bar for $100
I got a original mars red hatch as well for $80 and it comes with the rear glass, seal, and wiper motor. If your doing a project car this is the one for you.
Re: parts ***Toronto*** (GTI_Andy)

The cabby fenders are gone as well...

I gotta many stuff that I wanna clear out so keep emailing or IM me... Thanks!

[Modified by GTI_Andy, 8:37 PM 2-14-2002]
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Re: parts ***Toronto*** (GTI_Andy)

Andy, are you getting out of VWs? Or just trying to get down to just one car? Thats what I am trying to do... Its so hard though!
Re: parts ***Toronto*** (Bobcdn)

No way Bob... VW is in my blood I'm just trying to clear all the extra parts I got from all the previous rabbits and other dubs I had in the past plus I'm trying to make my house look more like a house instead of a junk yard.
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