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Passat 1.8T Vs V6

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This is my first post here after viewing for a few weeks. I am the process of buying a 2002 Passat. I have a few questions that you experienced owners can help me answer:
1. Is the 20bhp worth it to upgrade from 1.8T to V6? Or can I stick with 1.8T and spend the extra $1000 somewhere else, like wheels? Is there considerably more noise in 1.8T, and is there a reliability issue in comparison to v6.
2. Anyone used the 'driver's option' of financing? I can't figure out why I would want that as opposed to a lease with a buy back option.
3. Any good/bad experience with dealers in north-east NJ? Any recommendations?
4. Some one on this site mentioned that Passat was Automobile mags car of the year. I can't seem to find it on the mag's site. Help!
Thanks, and this site is the best part of owning a passat.
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Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

I drive a 1.8T with manual and haven't driven a V6 - IMO and from what I have heard the manual/1.8T is a great combination but it may not be the best engine choice with the Tip. The engine noise is quiet for a 4 cylinder and coupled with the good sound proofing in the Passat you really don't notice it under regular driving conditions.
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

have owned (3) 1.8's w/ auto. power is fine for me. A glx w/ a v6 and 205 /55/ 16's is a whole different car. Totally quiet. don't get me wrong, I have loved every passat (one was wrecked bad -totaled @ 5k mi.) A nicely equipped gls w/ 1.8 and auto will be a great car and be very enjoyable and be some-thing to be proud of. -no doubt. (pretty darned quiet when driven normally also)
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (davedude)

The V6 is quieter, smoother, higher resale value. The 1.8T has a buzzier sound to it, but a chipped 1.8T can beat the pants off a V6.
I'd get the V6 if you plan to get the Tiptronic too. Otherwise...it's all a matter of preference.

Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (AlphaPepper)

Thanks everyone!
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

Tossing in my $.02. I took a 2002 Passat out for a test drive just to see the difference and, while it was the tiptronic and I drive a true manual, I still prefer the V6. The torque comes on stronger and lower in the revs compared with the 1.8T. I do alot of skiing and scuba diving, so I like the extra torque for carrying my gear through the hills and dales of the New England states. Mileage isn't too bad either with the V6, although it would probably be a little better with the 1.8T. I averaged 33 mpg coming back from Watkins Glen last year (that's with two other people, camping equipment and three cases of wine http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif). One other item is some insurance companies will charge more for the turbo than the V6 or may not even insure you, like Tri-State Consumer (my company). They view turbos as sports cars and anyone getting a turbo just wants to speed and cause accidents (never mind that, when I bought my car, the V6 had 40 more ponies on the 1.8T).
Suffice to say, I recommend the V6. However, if money's tight and you don't do alot of country driving, I don't see a problem with the 1.8T. It was alittle noisier than the V6, but still a great value for your money.
Regarding dealerships in northeast NJ, I recommend Metropolitan VW in Jersey City. That's where I got mine back in August 1998. They gave me the best deal on a V6 manual. Every other VW dealership in the area (even down by Princeton) wouldn't budge on price from the MSRP. Metropolitan also has a decent service department, but they are only open Monday to Friday. You can reach them at (201) 656-8000.
Hmmm... Looks like I put in $1.02. Oh well, hope this has helped out.
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Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

As others have said, I think the V6 is better if you are going with the tiptronic.
You mentioned $1000 as the cost difference between the two engines. I recall it was closer to $2500.
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

I think it comes down to cost and Economy, I get 36mpg in my Variant with an UPsolute chip, but the V6 sure feels nice to drive
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

The "consensus" (yeah, right) seems to be that if you are planning on modifying the engine (via chip especially) then the 1.8T is the better engine choice. If you don't plan on modifying the engine, then the V6 will indeed provide better stock performance, better low-end torque, quieter engine sounds, and greater resale value.
It is slightly heavier, and some have noticed that this makes it a little heavier to toss around in the turns. I for one haven't noticed this effect on stock suspensions.
At the dealership where I bought my 2002 GLX 5-speed, I drove both back to back for about 30 minutes each. After walking in thinking I was going to buy the turbo, it was clear to me that the V6 was more my liking. One of the tests that we did was go up a long straight hill, slow down to about 25 MPH, and put the car in 3rd gear and try to accelerate. This will give you a pretty dramatic comparison between the cars.
Some knock the "turbo lag" that turbo-charged cars exhibit -- I actually think it's an incredibly fun feeling. My Saab 9000 2.3 turbo is amazingly fun (200 hp stock), but then again it has greater displacement than the 1.8T and thus is better on the low-end, too.
Have fun with your new car -- I couldn't be happier with ours.
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Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

I as I've stated in some other threads, I love my V6. Very quiet and has low end torque thru out the power band. From reading 1.8t testimonies, chipping their cars makes theirs more powerful than the V6. If you're considering becoming a tuner, then, the more logical choice would be the 1.8t. Trying to extract more power out of a V6 isn't as simple as chipping...
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

I have the 1.8t w/ Tiptronic and Upsolute Chip and it's an absolute blast. I know this is similar to what's been mentioned, but this thread seemed to be getting so pro V6. With a chipped 1.8t, you get better gas mileage in a faster, lighter car than V6. Also, as been mentioned in another post, typically V6 costs more to insure.
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

I tried both the V6 and the 1.8T when I was looking last summer. I didn't find a huge difference in the FEEL of each car as they accelerated. I did feel a difference in responsiveness - the 1.8T felt more responsive, probably because the front end is so much lighter with the smaller engine. But note that this is with the manual - I didn't have any interest in the auto.
The V6 does have more peak torque, but the 1.8T's torque comes on early. If you like a stick, get the 1.8T. And if you get bored with it, chip it!

Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (jeffp25)

Each engine is known for each of these capabilities
1.8t=go fast cheap, lighter, tuner friendly
V6=smooth, quiet, seemless power
Take your pic
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Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

I believe the 1.8T qualifies for ULVE (ultra low vehicle emissions) and the V6 does not. At least by CA standards. Criteria in your state may vary.
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (BBear)

Have a 99' Tip chipped and a 02' Tip stock. Both are great.
This crap about the 1.8T and Tip is garbage. Go drive one and you'll find out! The 1.8T performs more than adequately. The V6 folks just feel bad they spent too much money for no more power.
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (SilverFlash)

Thanks everyone!
I think I am going to test drive both, but stick with the 1.8T stick or tip and spend the $2,500 somewhere else like sunroof! Wifey is adamant about the damn roof! don't ask me why! Otherwise she's threatening to argue for a Maxima. Yikes! Maximas are only marginally better than the purely 'for-grocery-only' cars like Accord & Camry.
I would just get the roof and be done with it! (against the roof. Why in NJ!)
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

I live about ten minutes from you... I say sunroof all the way http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Don't get it...you may regret it.
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Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (rcaton1)

Thanks for your reply! I am going to use your email as an evidence against the worthlessness of the sunroof NJ!
On a side note, where did you get your VW from? Any suggestions for a dealer with good service in the future?
VW Karma
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (vwkarma)

Try vw linden... See Arnold Matthews... really good service from him. Its located on St Georges Ave. Sorry I don't have an exact address
Re: Passat 1.8T Vs V6 (SilverFlash)

quote:[HR][/HR]Have a 99' Tip chipped and a 02' Tip stock. Both are great.
This crap about the 1.8T and Tip is garbage. Go drive one and you'll find out! The 1.8T performs more than adequately. The V6 folks just feel bad they spent too much money for no more power.[HR][/HR]​
I have a v6 and have had 4cyl tip. I strongly recommend 1.8 and tip as being more than adequate, even impressive. 0-60 and trap times are highly over rated. 1.8 w/ auto will push your back to the seat and give you that farven stuff.
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