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Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs

with many, many thanks to Armani , jbrams, pg1syncro ...a couple of the outstanding long members of the P-AOM forum


Was searching around the PAOM old threads and found alot of useful links. So I thought I would round up all the links and put up a new list. See if we need to add a website before I post it up on the FAQ.

Vortex FAQ and Help
01- Ripped off by a Vortex Member?
02- Forum FAQ & How To's
03- How to make a Link
04- How To Edit Your Post
05- How To Post Pictures
General B3/B4 related info:
01- Passat Owners Group - Good info on some B3/B4 specific stuff, including VR6 (Java Required)
02- Jan's VW page - General VW info
03- B3/B4 Headliner Removal (Very helpful the first time)
04- Corrado Club of America FAQ's - Very B3/B4 Related
05- Aiming DE's and E-codes at Home or PDF document
06- Head gasket replacement parts list for VR6
07- General Lighting Info - Good Reading Material
08- GTI similar material - Loads of related info.
09- Waterwerks Page of Links
10- Lots of Factory Special Tools
11- 16V Resource for basic info and tips/
12- ETKA online Help
13- Metric to SAE Coversions
14- 16V distributor seals
15- 16V serpentine belt conversion
16- Link doesn't work at this time
17- Stupendous write-up by Jbrams on factory alarms
18- Bentley post for Moon/Sunroof
19- VR6 Power Upgrades
20- Door Striker Pin for B4 Does you door not close as smoothly as Before?
21- Tools Must Haves for B3/B4
22- Passat B4 Ecodes - Summary Thread
23- Secondary Air Injection Pump - Incorrect flow detected (Wait for page to load):
24- Relay & Fuse indentification for B3 Syncro's (Wait for page to Load)
25- Coolant Differences - Summary Thread (Wait for page to load)
26- G12 Coolant TSB (Technical Service Bulletin)
27- Spark plug wires designation for the Coilpack
28- Dip Stick Funnel / Sleeve for my VR6? Do I need one? (As seen on Ebay)
29- Sound clip of timing chain noise - Sound Clip Alternate - Original Thread
30- Trouble w/B4 Keyless Entry & Alarm System? Give the antenna 30-50ft extra range.
31- Recall - Passat 1996-1999 - Check for Damage to Axles
32- ECU Identification and Removal
33- Custom relay harnesses for headlights.
34- Halogen bulbs . . . ranked! Which is best ANSWERED!
35- Airbag Light and Heater Core. Writeup by Ghetto Gamer
36- Rebuild Job of the VR6 Engine. Writeup by A2B4guy
37- VR6 Over heating remedies SoCal GLI
DIY's - Do It Yourself Perform any or all of these DIY's at your own risk.
01- DIY - Ignition switch replacement (from an A3, but similar enough):
02- DIY - Intermittent wiper relay install (For those who don't already have it)
03- DIY - VR6 Cam and Spring Install
04- DIY - Doorhandle fix and Alternate 1 and Alternate 2
05- DIY - How to blink out ECU fault codes on cars before OBD port
06- DIY - VR6 Coilpack epoxy repair and Alternate 1 and Alternate 2
07- DIY - Shorten your shifter
08- DIY - Fixing Broken Power Mirror Knob
09- DIY - Tinting Taillights using VHT Niteshades and Alternate 1
09a Photos of B4's with tinted tails http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1214395
10- DIY - Changing the LCD green color on your dash (Corrado but similar to B3/B4)
11- DIY - B4 E36 headlight conversion (picture intensive)
12- DIY – Changing your Accessory Belt (on a 2.8L VR6)
13- DIY - Changing your Oil in a VR6
14- DIY - Changing your coolant
15- DIY - Heater Core bypass instructions
16- DIY - Jumpers for fog light relay - Having the foglights on with the High Beams
17- DIY - Radio Code input instructions (Wait for page to load)
18- DIY - Fast Cheap Cool Switchblade mod and Alternate 1
19- DIY - Replacing timing chains, tensioners and guides on a 12v VR6
20- DIY - How do I clean a reflector lamp?
21- DIY - '95 VR6 Wagon front brake job
22- DIY - '95 Prewired Foglights Installation (For those of you who don't have foglights.)
23- DIY - '95 Passat Clutch Replacement
24- DIY - Rear Fog Lights for B4's Euro Rear fog light mod.
25- DIY - Changing HVAC color.
26 - DIY - Broken Door Lock Hoses.
Tested all the websites on this list. And updated some that were lost. Jbrams, Jpete, Armani, BC Dub, A2B4guy, passat_guy21 and 2deepn2dubs provided some from the list.
Personal Experiences Threads deserving Attention.
01 - The Rise of the Phoenix by Ghetto Gamer

Aftermarket / Performance Parts Listing
01- AMI Motorsports
02- Auto Dynamic
03- Autosport Volkswagen Parts
04- Autotech
05- Autothority
06- Carnoisseur
07- Euro Cullen or Euro Emblems
08- Direct Auto Import
09- Dub Technik
10- ECS Tuning
11- Electrodyne
12- Emotion Garage
13- European Automotive
14- Evolution Sports
15- Fast VW's
16- Fk North America
17- Flat Out Performance
18- Futrell Auto Werks
19- GSB Enterprises
20- Hillside imports
21- Husco Engineering (Armrests)
22- Importvision
23- JA Tuning
24- Kinetic Motorsport
25- K&N Filters
26- Matrix Engineering
27- Momentum Motorsport
28- Neuspeed
29- New Dimensions
30- OBD Tool
31- Parts4vws
32- Performance Cafe
33- PG Performance
34- Pro - Imports
35- Rapid Parts
36- RPI Equipped
37- SK Motorsport
38- Strictly Foreign Accessories
39- Techtonics Tuning
40- TM Tuning
41- Tuning Zuberhor
42- VF Engineering
43- VW Parts (World Impex)
OEM Parts
01- Altrom
02- Autohausaz
03- Autosport Volkswagen Parts
04- Classic Garage
05- Discount VW Parts
06- Euro Cullen or Euro Emblems
07- European Automotive
08- Futrell Auto Werks
09- German Autoparts
10- Impex Foreign Auto Parts
11- L&T Enterprizes
12- Parts4vws
13- Specialized German Recycling
14- The Parts Connection
15- TM Tuning
Salvage Yards / Used Parts
01- Find Used Parts
02- L&T Enterprizes
03- North Toronto Motors

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Here are more sites for new and used OEM, aftermaket and performance parts:
Here's a bunch of sites that could be useful to someone:
http://www.autoint.com/O.E.M. T.S.B.'S.htm
Passat history and specs:
Various VW / Passat / car sites:
http://www.geocities.com/Motor....html (Les' home page "1.8TsyncroB3")
http://www.montrealracing.com/forums/ (french & english site)
http://www.vwquebec.ca/forum/ (mostly french site)

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

1995 PASSAT GLX trans-axle drop
9006 converted to 9005 bulbs
CCA Corrado Garage
Coolant Change TSB
Curise control
dash power outlet
DIY Resource - Smoked Tails DIY
Hardwiring in a Radar detector
How do I reprogram the remote control Audi TT Car Club of America - (www.audittcca.com)
Installing the wiper relay..
Remote Keyless Entry GUIDE!!!
Volkswagen Passat Door Fix
VWvortex Forums 5 minute fix for popping moonroofs...
VWvortex Forums DIY - Replacing the dust pollen filter (also know as the cabin filter)
VWvortex Forums Headliner Moonroof removal and fix. LOTS OF PICS!!
VWvortex Forums Info needed on OEM Keyless entry system for 1998 Jetta GLX
VWvortex Forums new passat owner....anyone have any tips
VWvortex Forums Reprogramming B4 remotes
VWvortex Forums Trouble w-B4 Keyless Entry & Alarm System
VWvortex Forums VR6 Technical Bulletin (as of 1997)
VWvortex Forums Your door handle will not break anymore

Amazon.co.uk Books VW Passat (88-96) Service & Repair Manual (Haynes Service and Repair Manuals)
busdepot.com - VW Bus - Camper - Vanagon - EuroVan Specialists
ECS Tuning Products for Volkswagen Passat B4 VR6 12v Maintenance
Impex Foreign Auto Parts On-Line
L and T Enterprizes sell used Volkswagen parts & used Audi parts, Allentown, PA
PaintScratch.com Secure Order Page
Parts4vws.com Virtual World Parts
Porsche Parts & VW Parts OEM and Aftermarket
Side Marker Right Front Passat Only 95-97
Side markers $22 smoked
Specialized German Recycling
sunglass holder
VW Volkswagen Parts Shipping Info - German Parts Warehaus

1997 passat parts list
CCA FAQ-Tech Tip Detail
Chip's Passat
Honda parts for cheap
Lubro Moly Engine Additives fuel treatment, additive and valve cleaner products
Passat Turn Signals and Marker Lights
Tire size calculator
Used Cars, SUVs, Minivans, and Trucks - Consumer Guide® Reviews, Ratings and Prices
Volkswagen Passat pictures and photos
VW Mechanic
VW Repair Shops

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by pg1syncro »
A few more details regarding the Passat VIN:
Let's take: WVWKE0310NE000055
W - Country of origin
V - Manufacturer
W - Vehicle type
K - Series
E - Engine
0 - Restraint system
3 - Model (position 7 & 8)
1 - Model (position 7 & 8)
0 - Check digit: this is a calculated digit per NHTSA code to determine the validity of a complete Vehicle Identification Number
N - Model year
E - Assembly plant
000055 - sequential serial number

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by alkeli »
Engine RPM's "Hunting" or "surging" fix
This is from my personal experience and I hope helps someone else with the same symptoms;
2.0L 16V with airflow sensor plate
-Engine RPM's constantly move up and down.
-Sometimes causes stalling when stopping.
-Airflow sensor plate is not centered and is rubbing on the sides of it's home, or rests in an improper position.
-1. Remove the boot sitting on top of the air filter.
-2. On top of the air filter where the boot was, you'll see a disk in a cone-shaped hole with a single bolt in the center holding it in place. That's the airflow sensor plate.
-3. Using a magnet (or something else that you can think of), raise and lower the plate slowly, if you see or hear the disk rubbing on the sides of the hole, this is possibly your problem and should be fixed regardless. If you don't hear or see anything and the plate travels smoothly then this isn't your problem so stop reading this

-4. (SUGGESTED) Remove the top half of the airbox, be carefull of those fuel and air lines and note them so you can replace the air hoses when finished.
-NOTE: !! BE VERY CAREFULL Under the top half of the airbox, there are some very sensitive and expen$ive parts there, so don't poke around too much and don't toss it around

-4.5. Now get a beer and a smoke in ya because this part can be frustrating and take awhile...
-5. Loosen the bolt on the sensor plate slightly and try to re-center it, this is why I suggest removing the top half of the airbox, so you can hold it by both sides to re-center it. Tighten bolt, NOT TOO HARD, you don't want to break the arm that hold it.
-6. Try with the magnet or whatever contraption to move the plate again, if it still rubs, repeat step 5 and try to re-center it again until there's no rubbing.
-7. Now that it's centered(assuming you get it eventually), sit the top of the airbox back on the bottom half, but don't clip it on yet.
-CHECK: Make sure that when the plate is in it's resting position, that the back side of the disk(towards rear of vehicle) is a few milimeters lower than the narrowest part of the hole. I find this spacing doesn't make much of a difference as long as it's at least on the upper half between the bottom of the hole and the narrowest part.
If it's too high, or it's way too low and you can almost see down into the airbox:
-9. Flip the top of the airbox on it's side. Looking at the underside, you'll see the arm that holds the plate, in it's lowered resting position, it sits on a metal spring, and you'll see a screw there to adjust the spring's position.
-10. Adjust accordingly until the plate sits properly.

-11. Re-assemble in whatever order you want and you're done.
If you don't have a magnet, you can always carefull reach underneath the top half of the box and push on the arm that holds the plate to raise it, but be careful.
Hope this can help someone out.

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by Electron Man »
VR6 (02A) Shift Box Bushing Replacement.
The Shift Box is located inside the car under the shift boot. Several bushings inside the shift box may need replacing if your car is more than 8yrs old or has more than 125K miles. My 95 Passat wouldn’t easily engage first gear because of a missing plastic cuplet that fits on a ball stud at bottom passengers side of metal shift cage. If the cuplet is worn or missing, it will be very difficult to engage first gear and you’ll hear a metallic clanking sound when moving the shift lever from side to side. No matter how hard you try, the situation can not be corrected by making adjustments to the cable ends on top of tranny.
Parts replaced:
1. 357 711 590 B, Bushing, Clear hat-shaped located at front of shift cage
2. 357 711 590 C, Bushing, Gray hat-shaped located at rear of shift cage
3. 357 711 164, Cuplet, Clear spherical located on ball stud at bottom of shift cage
4. 357 711 234 A, Hex Bolt, stainless steel located below shift weight (top of tranny)
All parts except the hex bolt are located inside the shift box. To replace both bushings and the cuplet, the long pivot pin (running front to rear) must be removed. Remove the 13mm retaining bolt first. Next, the circlip on drivers side of the shift cage gets removed. Removal of this circlip allows the white plastic “cross” (which shift shaft runs through) to be removed from the shift cage.
Once the shift cage is out, both bushings were greased and replaced. The small cuplet needs to have the “eye” opened up some (use a flat blade screwdriver) before it would fit over the ball stud.
While the shift cage was out, I removed the special cotter pin at the bottom of shift shaft that retains the front/rear shift cable. Use a jewelers screwdriver through one eye of the cotter pin (and your thumb on the other side) so you don’t lose the cotter pin when removing it. Since no replacement for the cable end bushing was available, I used about 3-4 inches of Teflon tape wrapped around the pin at the bottom of shift shaft to compensate for slop in the bushing…this may be a “getto” fix, but it beats replacing a shift cable.
Place the front/rear cable end back onto the shift shaft pin, then carefully push the cotter pin back through the hole in the shift shaft pin. Next, replace the circlip after installing the plastic “cross” onto the shift cage. Now lower the shift cage so that the new bushings align with the holes in the shift box and the plastic covered ball stud aligns with the side/side relay lever. Slide the pivot pin in from the front of shift box (use a flat blade screwdriver to help the pivot pin over the flange in the body sheet metal….or use a Dremel tool to grind away the flange). Replace the 13mm bolt that retains the pivot pin.
The hex bolt runs through the shift weight on top of transmission. The front/rear shift cable also attaches to this hex bolt. Replacement should be straightforward.
The above parts (#1-3) were about $4 from the dealer; however, if you buy a short shifter these parts (minus the cuplet) are usually included. The hex bolt (#4) was about $13…not bad for a custom machined factory part.
Bushing replacement should take about 2-3 hours.

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by dsimic »
Question: Should I, and if should, how to switch from G11 crap (blue/green) to G12 (pink)
Quote, originally posted by 94blackglx »
It is actually recommended by VW that you change from G11 to G12.
VW put out a Technical Service Bulletin, TSB199601, specifically on this topic. I have it in
.pdf format if you want it. Give me your email address and I will send it to you or email
me at the address in my profile. It'll save you $24.99 that you'd spend buying it yourself.
I got it from my local VW specialist.

Ok, thanks 94blackglx for sending the TSB in .pdf format, from now on all Vortexers can
download it from http://www.urc.bl.ac.yu/dsimic...1.pdf . It's currently on a quite slow site,
but it works.
Today I made a switch from G11 to G12, and here is how it was done, described in a form
of DIY:
1. Pour the cooling system cleaner into the expansion tank, and run the engine for about
half an hour, reving it to about 2500-3000 rpm, to make coolant flow faster. The cleaner
I used was made by Liqui-Molly (Made in Germany).
2. Flush the old coolant, by detaching the hoses at the radiator's bottom, and optionally
the hose from engine's head and heater core; after flushing apply compressed air to the
expansion tank to blow out any remaining old coolant
3. Wait for about 10 minutes to cool down the engine (remember, touching between very
cold (distilled water) and very hot things (engine) can make many troubles)
4. Re-attach all hoses, and top out the cooling system with distilled water, and run the
engine for about ten minutes, reving it to about 2500-3000 rpm from time to time, for
about a minute, to make coolant flow faster
5. Repeat steps 2-4 about three to five times; after four iterations, the flushed coolant
was almost colorless, like the bare water - so the G11 was blowed out completely

6. Flush the coolant as described, and top it out with 50/50 mixture of G12 and distilled
water (the G12 I used is made by Fuchs (Made in Germany))
7. Run the engine for about ten minutes, reving just at idle rpms, to allow the air that
remained inside the system to flow out slowly
8. Add some coolant mixture if it's needed
9. Enjoy the red/pink color of your expansion tank
10. Chalk yourself a nice DIY...
Notice to steps describing running the engine after topping out the cooling system:
Before starting the engine, squeeze by your hand the coolant hoses, to force the air to
flow out, then start the engine without the cap on your expansion tank. After a few
minutes (when the level of coolant starts to raise up signifficantly, in the expansion tank),
put and tighten the cap on expansion tank, and continue to rev the engine.

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by KelOne333 »
heater core fixed for free
how i got my heater core fixed by vw for free. hope this helps!

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by Devits »
VIN and Chassis Numbers
Your VIN (vehicle identification number) contains useful information regarding your Volkswagen. In some instances you may need to know whether your car was produced in Germany, Mexico, Brazil, or the USA. You may also need to know the model year or the chassis number (serial number) as Volkswagen makes many changes in the middle of model years.
Here is a sample VIN number: WVWDB4505LK005678
The first character represents the country of manufacture
1 = USA
3 = Mexico
9 = Brazil
W = Germany

The seventh and eight characters represent the model, generally this is not needed but it is required in some cases.
The tenth character represents the model year
A = 1980
B = 1981
C = 1982
D = 1983
E = 1984
F = 1985
G = 1986
H = 1987
J = 1988
K = 1989
L = 1990
M = 1991
N = 1992
P = 1993
R = 1994
S = 1995
T = 1996
V = 1997
W = 1998
X = 1999
Y = 2000
1 = 2001
2 = 2002
3 = 2003
4 = 2004
5 = 2005

The 12th thru 17th characters are the chassis number. This is the car's serial number, issued sequentially as each car is produced. So, our car with the sample VIN WVWDB4505LK005678 was the 5678th car built in 1990 in Germany

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by Ron L »
5 Speed Swap Parts List
Here's a parts list. I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything. I'll start with the interior and move forward. My bro was there for the whole gruesome thing and I asked him to look over this list when I sent it to someone else and it looked OK to him.
shifter inner console trim
shifter console
shifter boot & knob
pedal cluster
brake booster assembly (booster, MC, resevoir, bracket) *
brake fluid resevoir to MC hose
clutch master cylinder
clutch hydraulic MC to slave cyl hose
clutch slave cylinder
shifter cable mounting bracket
presure plate
bolt install kit **
rear transmission mount
side transmission mount
starter bolts
upper coolant hose
* - much easier of you just take the whole unit, then there's no assembly involved with any of the current parts, just swap the whole thing. you'll still probably have a mystery problem with the brake light switch, i'll explain that later
** - includes flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, rear engine seal, and input shaft seal
Don't forget, if you pull any parts off of the old donor car, keep all the bolts, nuts, screws, etc. just in case.
I think that's it. That's about all I remember removing, taking, and installing. There are some tips and tricks when doing the work. There's brake bleeding, electrical jury-rigging to do, etc. Feel free to contact me if you need to.

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by jbrams »


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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by Triple_Helix »
first order of business, BUY THIS BOOK!!

can sometimes find them pretty cheap ($20-$60) on eBay. i think anywhere else it'll cost $100+
second, someone should define all the types. B1-B5.5 (even tho some dont exist in US) and OBD I and II. i still dont know what those mean

and if your passat is leaking, check the 4 sunroof drain holes that are on the four corners of the sunroof. use a long cord or compressed air to unclog them. I think they drain out right behind the side marker lights.
if your gas/temp gauges dont work at all or only work sometimes problem probably is the bad sodder points in the gauge cluster. take it out, clean and re-sodder the points for the gauges. that should do it.
thats all i can contribute now, i guess i'll leave the rest (ie everything
) to you guys/gals

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by A2B4guy »
OK- Sunroof problems are a major complaint in Passats. Often one of the cables will break or pull loose from its anchor, or one of the sliding metal pieces will break. This generally costs mucho dinero to repair, and often is left unrepaired with the sunroof unusable.
If your sunroof is still OK or is just making the popping noise, there is time to save your sunroof from disaster. The root cause of the problem is a simple little rubber o-ring that gets old and flattens out, causing two metal parts to interfere with each other. For details on a cheap way to prevent costly sunroof repair, visit this thread:

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by MEDEL514 »
Concerned with which kind of Oil to run in the Passat?
Good reading material on Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil.
I run Mobil1 Synthetic 15w-50 in the Phoenix summer and 10w-30 in the winter in my 16v.

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by Electron Man »
Factory Keyless Entry Retrofit to B4 VR6 (using KE module from 98 Jetta GLX) and programming of "banjo-style" remote...(Thanks to Rodney Huss)
Repair of B4 VR6 Rear Power Window wiring harness. If a faint squeal from the door is heard when you press the window buttons, a wiring harness repair is probably needed...(Thanks to Phillip Christi)
Repair of B4 A/C fan switch spring contact. If your HVAC fan (not the radiator fan) switch only works on high speed and isn't melted to he!! and back, this might be an alternative to a ~$200 repair bill at the stealership.

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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

Quote, originally posted by GoFaster »
For all TDI-related info: http://www.tdiclub.com/TDIFAQ
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