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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

http://www.newdimensions.com (have all types of parts like kamei, hagus, neuspeed)
http://www.neuspeed.com (obviously they have neuspeed stuff like plugs, swaybars, etc….)
http://www.autolamps-online.com (HID upgrades)
http://www.abdracing.com/ (products made by ABD, bonrath, wings west, zender, etc…)
http://www.der-abt.de (a german site that offers the sweetest styling things)
http://www.amimotorsports.com/ (very good site with reiger, caractere, dietrech, mattig, etc…)
http://www.autostyle.co.za/index800.htm (the cheapest prices known to man, but they are in South Africa and don’t ship to US, good place to check out fellow Dubbers worldwide)
http://www.autotech.com/ (products like zender, quaife and euro products)
http://www.awe-tuning.com/ (have GIAC, H&R, brembo, etc….)
http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/ (stuff like bonrath, abt, caractere, and more, located in UK)
http://www.bildon.com/ (all sorts of racing equipment, also have quaifes)
http://www.cfimotorsports.com/ (Bonrath, brembo, eibach, caractere, brospeed and more)
http://www.colour-tuning.de/ (have all sorts of products, are in Germany though)
http://www.audituning.com/english/main.asp (a European site and carry products like JE Design)
http://www.drschrick.de/ (German site, home for Schrick manifolds)
http://www.dubtechnik.com/ (have nice products for suspension, wheels, and body styling)
http://www.eiptuning.com/ (have turbo systems, transmissions, intakes and more)
http://www.electrodyne.cc/ (have many products for everything)
http://www.europartsinc.com/ (six speed transmissions, 1.8t engine parts)
http://www.eurosportacc.com/ (have a lot of products but a bit pricey)
http://www.eurospeed.ca/ (many products like blow-off valves, more stuff)
http://www.eurosporttuning.com/ (basically only brakes, mostly for Volvos)
http://www.evolutionsports.com/ (have everything, headlights, aerodynamics and at good prices)
http://www.fknorthamerica.com/ (also have a lot of products for good prices)
http://www.pgperformance.com/ (have good products and prices, headlights, body styling)
http://www.freedomdesign.com/ (Kamei, also have their own line of products)
http://www.futrellautowerks.com/ (they have many products and good prices for everything)
http://www.hofeleusa.com/ (site for Hofele products, obviously, gives good pics)
http://www.c1vw.com/ (very good Canadian site, have many products)
http://www.hpamotorsport.com/ (have turbo kits for VW and brakes)
http://www.achtuning.com/ (carry ABT, AMS, and many other parts)
http://www.tracracing.com/ (has many different VW parts, Eibach)
http://www.imperialmotorsport.com/ (have group buys and a few other things)
http://www.importvision.com (not the best looking site but have really good prices)
http://www.in-pro.de/ (German site for In.Pro headlights and products)
http://www.schimmelperformance.com/ (they do custom work with intake tubes and other things)
http://www.jms-fahrzeugteile.de (they have Golf IV parts, not sure if they have anything others)
http://www.kraftswerk.com/ (have custom transmissions)
http://www.landspeedusa.com/ (have various aftermarket parts)
http://www.machvw.com/ (have all types of parts, too much to go through)
http://www.matrixengineering.cc (have engine, brakes, suspension, transmission, etc…)
http://www.midknightmotorsport.com (have many products, have to call for the pricing and products)
http://moldynamics.com/ (have all Golf and Jetta MK3 and other parts)
http://www.newdimensions.com/ (have many different products, take a look for yourself)
http://www.ngpracing.com/ (have bonrath, hagus, kamei and other products)
http://www.o-bars.com/ (have all sorts of suspension swaybars and stress bars)
http://www.oettinger.com/ (VW styling products)
http://www.overboost.com (have way too many things to list and no place to start)
http://tuningzubehor.com (have many aftermarket parts for VW and other makes)
http://www.performance-cafe.com/ (have many products and specials all the time)
http://www.ptuning.com (have products for VW and other makes)
http://www.projektzwo.de/ (VW styling products and more, German site)
http://www.rapidparts.com/ (everyone knows them)
http://www.rieger-tuning.de/ (VW styling products and more, German site)
http://www.rmrautosport.com/ (have all types of parts for VW and other makes)
http://www.hellausa.com/ (VW lighting products and other things)
http://www.rpi-equipped.com/ (have tons of products and good pricing)
http://www.srsvw.com/ (have GIAC chips and suspension)
http://www.caractere-automobile.be (Caractere styling products for VW)
http://www.skperf.com/ (have some pretty nice aftermarket products)
http://www.estrictlyforeign.com/ (many people don’t like them but they have good products, styling)
http://swgmotorsport.com/ (UK site and have some pretty sweet products)
http://www.tmtuning.com/ (really good products and prices for everything)
https://www.techtonicstuning.com (exhaust systems and more)
http://www.vagparts.com/ (random parts for VW makes)
http://www.vf-engineering.com/ (supercharger kits and more)
http://www.jshouseofeuro.com (good products and good prices)
http://platinumeuroparts.safeshopper.com (can find random neon lights and some random parts)
http://www.vwperformancenorth.com/ (have styling parts for VW models, kind of pricey)
http://www.volksdraggin.com/ (have all sorts of performance parts, brakes, styling, wheels…..)
http://www.1552design.com/ (again everyone knows this site, good products and prices)
http://www.advancedmotorsport.com/ (good prices and products, browse away)
http://www.altramotorsport.com/ (good prices and good specials)
http://www.bbrsportsline.com/ (all sorts of classy styling products, ABT, Caractere, AC snitzer (for BMW)
http://www.europeanspeedsport.com/ (Eibach, Neuspeed, PIAA, Borla, JOM, etc….)
http://www.evolution-racing.com/ (many performance parts, not only for VW)
http://www.gmpperformance.com/ (have various VW parts, mostly Mercedes though)
http://www.hopefungautoparts.com/ (Brembo, Hella, Bosch, and more)
http://www.momentummotor.com/ (some sweet products, and good prices)
http://www.motronixmotorsports.com/ (lots of products, very pricey though)
http://www.pes-tuning.com (all sorts of products, like exhaust, shifter, etc…)
http://www.supremepowerparts.com/ (group buys a few other things)
http://www.wrdusa.com/ (VW racing, rally and road racing products)
http://www.fastvws.com (very good product and prices)
http://www.evoms.com/ (brakes, intakes, superchargers, and more)
http://www.zender.de/ (German styling company, very nice products)
http://www.z-engineeringusa.com/ (Supercharger kits for VW cars)
http://www.bahnbrenner.com/ (lighting, engine, styling, everything, very good site)
http://turn2usa.com (motor mounts, intakes, pulleys)
http://www.parts4vws.com (very popular sites, very good prices and products, have everything)
http://www.jrswaterworks.net (have to call for products and prices)
http://www.purems.com/ (all sorts of aftermarket products for VW and others)
http://www.goapr.com/ (turbo kits for VW, Audi, Porsche and exhausts)
http://www.ferodoracing.it/ (ferodo racing brake and brake kits)
http://8vturbo.com/ (turbo parts and other performance parts)
http://www.adrenalinmotorsport.com/ (various performance parts for VW)
http://www.advancedclutch.com (clutch kits for VW and other makes)
http://www.bonrath.de/ (Bonrath styling site, good pictures)
http://www.dietrich-tuning.de (Awesome VW styling part, German site)
http://www.mattig.de/ (Styling and Wheels for VW, German site)
Volkswagen OEM Parts
http://www.germanautoparts.com/ (a good place to get OEM parts, pretty good prices)
http://www.ecstuning.com/ (have OEM parts and wheel spacers)
http://www.futrellautowerks.com/ (they have many OEM products)
http://www.gprparts.com/ (have the basic list of OEM parts, a good source)
http://www.eurocullen.com/ (has euro parts and more, but I am not sure how to order, good pics though)
http://www.vwparts.com/ (a good place to find OEM parts)
http://www.1autobodyparts.com/ (has the best prices for some OEM parts)
http://www.partscomponents.com/ (also has the best OEM part prices, cheap shipping too)
http://catalog.thepartsbin.com/ (have most OEM parts for sale)
http://www.volksparts.com (OEM parts, a selection but not too big)
Things to Accessorize your VDUB with
http://www.autotoys.com (amazing prices on everything like alarms, cd players, dvd players, sweet place to hook up your ride with tvs and such)
http://www.americastire.com (good place to get tires and wheels from)
http://www.avolkswagenpart.com/ (cool merchandise and stuff)
http://www.autosportvolkswagenparts.com/ (kind of like the other OEM sites)
http://www.edgeracing.com/ (have lots of wheels to pick from)
http://www.europeanplates.com (have some pretty sweet euro license plates)
http://www.tires-n-parts.com (obviously tires and wheels)
http://drivergear.vw.com/ (suit yourself up in some gear from VW)
http://www.eurowerks.net/ (euro license plates)
http://www.shgraphics.com/ (euro license plates)
http://www.germanplates.com (euro license plates)

I could've been a contender.
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Re: Passat - All Other Models Forum FAQs (jebglx)

HOW TO: Replacing the VR6 Power Steering Pump
thanks to mithril!
Quote, originally posted by mithril »

I wrote this HOWTO for the Corrado Club of Canada but figured I might as well post it here as well since I did do it on my Passat. Hope it helps someone out. Original thread: http://www.corrado-club.ca/for...00000
Power steering pumps tend to be relatively bomb proof and therefore don't fail very often, however it does occassionally happen. The good news is that the power steering pump is the easiest pump to replace and can be easily accessed from underneath the car. The bad news is that they are quite expensive running from $200ish reman'ed to $330ish and up new. Because they don't break very often a used pump from a wrecker is often your cheapest option. The assuming no bolts strip or break entire replacement shouldn't take you much more than a couple hours. This job is also a great time to replace the v-belt if it looks a little worn as well as to drain and replace the power steering fluid. The pics in this thread are from my '93 Passat so they may be slightly different than your Corrado.
What you'll need:
- new power steering pump (Part #: 6N0 145 157)
- VW G 002 000, aka CHF11s, power steering oil (2L if you plan to flush or 1L if you plan to reuse and top up)
- new ribbed v-belt if you plan to replace (Part # 021 145 933H w/ AC or 021 145 933C w/o AC)
- 1 M8x1.25x60mm bolt
- a metric socket set
- metric allen key or socket set
- drain pan
- jack and jack stands
- flathead and Phillips screwdrivers as required

First we need to make some room to be able to access the v-belt from the top. This means that the air box has to come out.
- remove the air duct that's normally on the passenger side upper rad support (indicated by the circle)
- unplug the MAF sensor wiring harness (#1 in pic)
- loosen the wormscrew clamp on the intake side of the MAF (#2)
- unclip the clamps that lock the MAF to the airbox (#3 and #4)
- wiggle the MAF out and place it somewhere safe... it costs $600 to replace remember
- using a 10mm socket remove the upper bolt which secures the AC high pressure line (#5, may be Passat specific). there's a nut underneath which you must catch with your fingers
- use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw (#6, probably also Passat specific) attaching the AC line to the upper rad support
- gently lift the line out of the way
Now you should be left with an engine bay looking like this, note the hole where the MAF used to be.

Next you need to clip the top of the airbox clamshell, there are 4 clamps the corners. Remove the top of the airbox and the air filter element.

Now slide the vac line grommet circled in this pic off the air box and remove the lower half of the airbox.

Now you're rewarded with this sight, lots of room to work. Here's a good time to start threading your M8x1.25x60mm bolt into the belt tensioner (circled in pic). Just get it started, don't tighten it down. We'll need the belt tension later on to break the power steering pump pulley bolts.
Time to go underneath. Jack up the car, put it on jackstands, and remove the passenger side front wheel (you remembered those wheel bolts first right?). We need to remove the undercover to gain full and easy access to the power steering pump. On the Passat the cover is attached by the circled bolts and a pressure fit tab into the front crossmember.

Now that we've got access to everything, it's down to the real business. The power steering pump is attached to it's bracket by 5 13mm bolts, 3 of them can only be accessed by removing the pump's pulley. Since you need to swap the pulley onto your new pump, removal has to happen anyways.

The pulley is attached to the impeller shaft by these 3 6mm hex bolts (part # N 014 706 2). They're not torqued very tight (18 ft/lbs), but the pulley needs to be held still to break them. If you've left your belt tensioned that should be enough, otherwise you can use a strap wrench or stick a long handled screw driver through the holes to hold it in place. Once you've broken the bolts it's time to screw the tensioner release bolt in as far as it will go then fully remove the pulley.

To drop the pump you need to remove the 5 circled 13mm bolts (part # N 102 400 01, 18 ft/lbs torque). It's relatively tight in the bracket so you'll need to jiggle it to get it out. Just let it hang by the high pressure and return lines for the time being. To drain the power steering oil you need to unclamp and pull off the soft rubber return line. If the oil is relatively new and you plan to reuse it, make sure you drain it into a clean container. If in question just dispose of it and fill with fresh oil, power steering fluid should be changed every 2 years or 48,000km anyways. Once the fluid is drained you need to break and remove the 22m banjo bolt (part # 1H0 422 269, 22ft/lbs torqued, indicated by arrow) that attaches the high pressure line. There are 2 crush washers (part # N 013 848 1)with this bolt, don't lose them or you'll find you're leaking fluid. Replacing them is a good idea as well.
Now you basically need to reattach everything in the reverse order. Getting the high pressure line in the right position to allow you to insert the pump into it's bracket and line the bolts up takes a bit of finicking so expect to have to torque and loosen that bolt a couple times at least. The best method for reattaching the new pump is:
1. Pour a small amount of steering oil into feed hole.
2. Attach the soft rubber return line.
3. Attach the high pressure line.
4. Bolt it to it's bracket.
5. Attach the power steering pulley.
6. Fill the reserviour with steering oil, but leave the cap off.
If the spout for the return line isn't pointing 180 degrees from the pulley you'll need to rotate it until it is. It can be moved w/o harm, but it shouldn't be rotated anymore than is necessary. Use a rubber mallet to tap it around to the proper position before attaching the rubber line.
Now that you have everything reconnected and steering oil in the system you need to prime the system by hand rotating the power steering pump several times (by several I mean alot) to circulate the oil. The pump is lubricated by the oil so running it dry will damage it severely. This also serves to bleed the system and you will almost certainly need to top up the reserviour. The power system system takes just under 2L of oil. Finally, with the car still on jack stands, turn the key to the accessory position and go lock to lock several times. Now top up the reserviour for the final time and close the cap.

With the priming and bleeding of the power steering complete, all that's left to do it reinstall and/or retension the v-belt (see above for routing if you're unsure), reattach the under shield and wheel, drop the car, reinstall the airbox and reinstall/reconnect the MAF. You've just replaced your power steering pump and are ready to drive off.

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