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Passat B4 Seats

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Greetings, I am new here,
I have a 1996 Passat, with cloth seats. I would like to replace these (front and back) with leather ones. To the best of my knowledge the B4 series did not have black leather seats as an option, only Tan and Gray. My first question is, did the B4 Passat’s have a black leather seat option, and if so where might I go about finding some.
If my suspicion is correct and black leather is not available are the seats from a similar Jetta or B5 Passat interchangeable or can they be easily modified to fit my B4?
Thank you.
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Re: Passat B4 Seats (mckinleytabor)

You could use covers from a B3, or you could go to http://www.katzkin.com/ and get a set of leather covers for ~$650. The aftermarket ones from Katzkin are 100% leather, factory leather seats have only the parts you sit on leather, the rest is vinyl.
Re: Passat B4 Seats (mckinleytabor)

My '96 Passat has black leather seats from factory.
Re: Passat B4 Seats (mckinleytabor)

My '95 wagon has black leather from the factory too
Re: Passat B4 Seats (mckinleytabor)

me 3 but they squeak like mofo!!!
Re: Passat B4 Seats (tomo366)

Actually, I was unaware that grey leather seats were an option on B4s. I have black leather on my white car and saw tan, but have never seen grey.
Re: Passat B4 Seats (B4A3WhatNext)

You are correct
Black and beige were the only availble
leather seats on B-4's
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