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Hi Everyone,
"97 Passat TDI
Was wrestling the transmission back up into position from my usual "on my back under the car in my garage position" after replacing the clutch when, as I was rotating it to clear the subframe, a .22cal size object with a spring mechanism on one end landed on my chest. I continued my struggle and after my son successfully started the bolts I began to look for where this curious object came from. The only thing could figure was it fell out of the back-up light switch when I rotated the trans. I tried to put it back in spring side first and reconnect the plug but no-go. My son suggested inserting it bullet end first and it dropped in with enough clearance to reconnect the plug. Unfortunately, as he tried to push on the connector, the plug head came apart. A rubber diaphragm cap, washer and another small spring. We tried to re-assemble the plug but cannot re-fit the diaphragm over the washer and get the diaphragm to seat back on the end of the plug. Does the washer go under the diaphragm or on top of it to re-insert into the switch? Also does the bullet go into the switch spring first or springside out? Bentley doesn't break it down, at least not where I found the switch in the manual and I didn't find any such info in the first 100 search returns in the forums.
Thanks to all who offer any help,
John in Maryland.
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