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Hello fellow VW enthusiasts!
A proud owner of a 2008 Passat 2.0T with manual gearbox is looking for help! :)
Sunroof leaked in a heavy rain a couple of days ago, the passenger side carpet got soaking wet front and back. Shortly after, the fuel gauge died, car failed to start with starter cranking just fine, indicating fuel pump control module failure. I've pulled up the carpet, drained water from underneath the carpet and let the interior dry for a while. When I tried putting the key in the 'on' (middle) position after a day or two, the starter suddenly engaged while the car was parked in gear, clutch pedal was not depressed, the car got moving. I took the key out, starter went silent. Put the key back into 'on' position - starter still silent, put the key in the 'start' position - no crank. I've checked all fuses, bench-tested ignition relays marked 460 behind the driver side glove box, replaced the dead fuel pump control module, got the fuel gauge back - so far so good, still no crank though. I've cleaned up the starter ground, hit the starter with a mallet a couple of times, measured the voltage on the starter terminals 30 and 50, and got constant 12 volts on both terminals with the key in the 'on' position. Tried putting the key in the 'start' position, relays were clicking under the dashboard but the starter was silent. The battery is good, dashboard lights up, dome lights and headlights are ok, nice and bright, power locks work fine, all accessories power on, OBDII reader doesn't read any codes.

So, it looks to me that:
1) the starter solenoid is a toast as it gets the constant 12V input signal on the terminal 50, and doesn't engage (not even a click),
2) the CCM module is fried as it gives constant 12V to the terminal 50 when the ignition is in the 'on' position instead of providing the solenoid input signal in the 'start' position only.

Am I totally off base here? Anything else needs to be checked/replaced besides the starter/solenoid and the CCM module, to get the car going again?

Apologies for the long story! Any insights, comments, suggestions or rude remarks will be greatly appreciated! :)
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