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Good day to you all, please I need someone to help me out with my 2007 Volkswagen passat 2.0T FSI engine.

A local mechanic guy scanned my car and found error code P310B and said there is a problem with my high pressure pump. He then joined one of the coolant sensor wire (colour brown) with another thick brown wire on the same trunk and from that point, the issue with my car began.
When he started the car and ran another scan, one error was found on it which is P0652. Also, there is an error with the electronic parking brake because it show the error on the dashboard.

Immediately I told him to undo what he did but the evil deed had been done already. He disconnected the wire which he used to joined the the two wires but it took a while for the car to start and after starting the engine went off in less then one minute and the fan kept running and I had to disconnect the battery cable to stop the fan from running. He scanned the car again and found different codes which are P0192, P2127, P310B, 01314, P3137, P0300, P0302 and P0303. Also,

He connected the two cables back (brown cable from the coolant harness with another thick brown cable) and the engine started but the error code P0652 was still there. I drove the car home but I had a tough time starting the car the following morning.

Since then I have been having series of issues with my car and I wish to have my car back in a proper state.

Do I need to replace the ECU or it is just a wiring issue?

I would appreciate any help in resolving this issue issue.
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