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Hello everybody,

I would like to share something I was looking here for a long time and I didn't find so I had to engage the service of a pro for a charge of 40 euro :)

Here it goes...
You need to have the followings:

a. the folding mirrors option installed installed on your car (obviously)
b. the VCDS interface from Ross-Tech (with the latest software release, or so) + the laptop (or whatever you use for the usb end).

Once you connect with your laptop to the interface here are the steps:

1. Select "Door Elect, Driver" - module 42

2. Click on: "Security Access - 16"

3. Insert the security code: 04354 and hit "Do it!"

4. Once you are again to the previous menu, click on "Adaptation - 10"

5. Here select the following channel: (9)-System_Parameter_0-System Parameter Byte8
(be patience to find the exact channel, it's quite a long list , but as a tip : it's in the second half of the list)

6. Once selected you will notice the old value which is 90.
Here you have to options for the new value before you click "Do it!":
a. 95 (which I've chosen) - will automatically fold your mirrors while holding the lock button and will unfold them when you turn on the engine.
b. 99 - will automatically fold your mirrors while holding the lock button and will unfold them when you open the driver door.

7. Next window simply click: "Yes".

8. Click "OK"

9. Please check the new value to be there , and "Go Back" and exit the program and disconnect the interface.

10. You are ready!

Now you can leave the inside mirror knob to the position you like (I prefer on "L") and do the trick from the remote control. :)
Here are also 2 videos with the final result:

If you appreciate my post and you found it helpful for you, I won't mind a donation for a beer :)
here is my paypal address: [email protected]

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Hi! Thank you so much for this contribution. I've tried on my MY2015 cc and my Chinese vcds 12.12. and doesn't works. I receibe an error when I put the new coding (95). Something like "You must put an Hexadecimal coding (for example FF). I'll buy a Chinese vcds 14.10, because the ross-tech one is too expensive only to do that. If I were able to activate I'll invite you to this beer.

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I just found out the after doing this, when I hold my unlock button, drivers windows goes down and by holding lock button, it goes back up.

I want to do auto folding side mirrors, need advise.
I just changed the value back to 90 just to make sure if I accidently activated the drivers windows up and down feature with holding lock/unlock button and it still works. It still works so I guess what I did made no change.
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