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Passat TDI's

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can anybody tell me what is the last year they sold TDI Passats.
do the new body styles, '98 and later come with the TDI.
I know that the 2001 and 2002 do not come with the TDI.

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Re: Passat TDI's (stalledout)

The last year was 97, and the new body style does not offer a TDI, though VW is working on a newer model which might include a TDI. But as of now it is not available.
Re: Passat TDI's (vwautotech)

There are rumors that there are a handful of 1998 B5 TDIs in the US.
You probably won't get any new Passat TDIs until you get a decent Diesel fuel over there.
Re: Passat TDI's (Orjan)

I've seen a couple of B5 TDIs here in Vancouver, but they had consular plates and so they were probably imported.
The 90hp TDI isn't really enough engine for the Passat though. Some 130PDs would be really swell though.
Re: Passat TDI's (stalledout)

The last US TDI passat was in 1997. B5 Passats are offered w/ the 1.9 TDI and 2.5 V6 TDI only in Europe.
Re: Passat TDI's (b5bel)

I believe there are 23 98 (90hp) TDIs, and less than 5 or 6 99/2000s
I don't believe there are any 2001s
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