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Passenger side seatbelt problems....

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The passenger side seatbelt in my G60 runs real slow when moving to the locking and resting positions.
Is there a gear of some type or tracking I can lubricate?
Is there a relay for it that's on its way out?
Also, how hard is it be fit manual belts?
Didn't Canandian models come with manual belts?

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Re: Passenger side seatbelt problems.... (trueblue)

Check and see if the actual belt pulls back and forth freely.. it might be pulling the motor back when it gets to that point.. It wouldn't hurt to lube the it either..
You'd need to find a euro corrado pen pal and see if he wants to swap is manual belts with your automatic ones.. they should fit right in.. ask jedicorrado.. he's done this mod. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Passenger side seatbelt problems.... (DaiKa)

Are you saying the belt mechanism should or shouldn't move freely when the key isn't in the ignition?
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