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passing monsoon amp

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hey everyone - i'm stupid when it comes to electronics.... but i have a question i replaced my HU and my speakers in my golf 4. Now the rear speakers are quiet as hell. i was told by a guy who installs audio that's because the rear speakers on the monsson had 2ohms and i put in 4 ohm speakers and theres more resistance or something like that.... what should i do to get the rear speakers to play at a normal sound level... i heard bypass the monsson amp.... HOW WOULD THAT BE DONE?
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Re: passing monsoon amp (GTiTES)

Disconnect the speaker wires from the rear.Then run new wires from the rear to the rear outputs of the hu.Unless your hu doesn't have high level outputs.
Another option---------swap the rear speakers for some that are 2 ohm, like image dynamics.
A third-----------ditch the monsoon amp altogether and use an aftermarket amp.
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