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Anyone on these boards have the Forest green Mk1 that works at the Pick-n-pull on 99w towards Newberg? (that yard is PICKED out; not even VW door handles)
The car is SWEET:
clean, fresh forest green paint
Zender skirts

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Re: PDX Scirocco sighting... (Diamond Dave)

i've seen that rocco.
it's preety sweet.
i personally picked that yard dry.
i got tons of odd parts, but the best was a mint door and hood.
both off an 81 s.
german auto salvage, out in Boring near Sandy, has ALOT of parts.
but, the guy knows all about rocco rarity, and charges you an arm and your first born for any parts.
last i was there he had about 5 or 6 unstripped mk1's.
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