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I have been trying to get Touch up paint for my car for a few months now and have had no luck....I went to the dealer in November and the guy looked in his book and said 'that color isn't avalible, sometimes VW doesn't release new color paint for 4 years after the color is made" I didn't really belive him but then yesterday when I went back after I got an oil change I asked again and he looked in his book and said the same thing, then another guy came out and said "You cannot get Pearl effect touch up, if you want to get something fixed, you have to repaint the whole car." Well I know for a fact that that's BS because after I got egged 2 months ago I was able to get my trunk repainted with little hassle.
So here is my quesiton: is GALACTIC BLUE touch up (spray or otherwise) avalible from a VW dealer or anywhere else for that matter?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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