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Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!!

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I just purchased a H4 Philips HID kit (off eBay). I have a 2000 Jetta with e-codes. Will the HID bulbs be too long for the H4 housing? Also, will the clamp that holds the bulb in place be able to hold the HID bulb and it's larger wiring harness? Last questions, (I believe I know the answer to this one) when installing, will a hole have to be drilled in the back of the headlight cover? This is for Cullen or anybody who is willing and able to answer it, thanks!!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (InfaRed-V-dub)

#1. The H4 kit (if a good one?) should fit into the housing without major changes, but due to the thickness of the HID bulb the connecting "assembly" might need a little bending to fit.
#2 About location well HID is right in a way, but you can get the HID bulbs lightsource in the correct place but of course you will NOT get lighting that is comparable to OEM HID except for the color (if you are lucky)
#3 Are you aware of the fact that you will NOT have any HIGHBEAM?
#4 Being that the headlight is of the NON projector type you will have more light output but there might be more risk of glare. You will not be able to remove the glare I mean if you put in the halogen bulb you will see the glare too only the halo bulb is not bright enough to disturb.
I would say the biggest issue is loosing HIGHBEAM!
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Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (InfaRed-V-dub)

quote:[HR][/HR]I live in a pretty urban area in New Jersey where my lights are the last thing on a cop's mind.[HR][/HR]​
Not much need for passing or flashing here...
And in a culture where flashing is not that common as here in estonia or the US it annoys people THOUGH it is a safe practice in places where it is widely "understood" as in scandinavia.
Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (PlaneCrazy)

This is exactly true. One reason is that on the H4 halogen bulb, the low-beam filament is shielded to minimize stray light above the cutoff. With HID capsules in place of the H4 bulb you will lose this shield (take a look at an H4 bulb, it's obvious). This will really screw up the light pattern. Not only bad for on-coming vehicles but also bad for the driver of the ill-equipped lights in rain, fog or snow.[HR][/HR]​
Well this is indeed correct I forget that there are alot of companies selling "HID H4" bulbs out there which would only work as a HIGHBEAM bulb, when I was refering to a good kit I was automatically thinking of the ones that have a shield that works in the same way as the LOWBEAM shield on the H4 halogen bulb like this if it doesn't have a shield yes it is not good for anything on public roads.
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Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (HIDGolf)

quote:[HR][/HR]right, just make sure that they are aimed correctly and if you are carrying a heavy load, lower your lamps to prevent illuminating the backs of peoples heads!
Oh, and by the way, dont whine when you realize that you dont have hi beams when you really needed them!
my $0.02[HR][/HR]​
Though I deal with HID retro kits at times, I never recomend or in our circumstances here I would NEVER install a setup that would eliminate higbeams.
How about installing some kind of aux. highbeams?
Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (InfaRed-V-dub)

quote:[HR][/HR]I just received my kit in the mail and the bulds DO have the metal shield on them. They are Philips bulbs with Philips ballast. The kit comes with all the wiring, relays, switches and double-sided velcro patches, zip ties and screws to secure the ballast in place! The one drawback, they did not include instructions!!! It doesn't matter because I'm taking it to a local shop (who does this kind of work) to have them installed. I'll try to get some "before and after" pictures. [HR][/HR]​
Be sure to use the RELAYS and good gauge wire!
Plus and minus will NOT do harm to the ballast, BTW the ballasts are MADE BY HELLA, marketed under Philips!
Was this a USED kit?
Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (InfaRed-V-dub)

quote:[HR][/HR]If they are made by Hella, then that should make it in even better product, right? This was a brand new kit. I even smelled the connectors from the ballast and the bulbs to see if I could smell any burnt smells or any indications that the kit could have connected and used. It all smelled unused to me. Are there any other test I can give it?[HR][/HR]​
Look at the BULB the center part where you have like a buble do you see white powder like stuff in there or not?
This is an indication of use, the more "powder" the more tested/used they are...
The ballasts:

Inside the PHILIPS ballast:
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Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (InfaRed-V-dub)

quote:[HR][/HR]When I looked at the bulbs yesterday, I did not observe any powder (I could be wrong) at all. Does this mean they are untested/unused? My ballast look much "newer" than that picture of yours. [HR][/HR]​
Yeah that is a GOOD sign (bulbs) yeah that ballast was taken out of my car...

Sound like you have a good kit!
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Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (InfaRed-V-dub)

quote:[HR][/HR]Thanks Cullen. I will check again for powder just to be on the safe side.
Well you will have it there in no time as soon as you start em up so...
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Re: Philips HID questions for Cullen: The Headlight God!!! (pgoutsos)

quote:[HR][/HR]Quick question. I've got the MKIV look for MKIII headlights on my car with the H7 bulbs. Are these headlights good candidates for a HID conversion? I'm looking at the autolites hids at http://www.autolites.com.

I would strongly recomend you to buy a good quality kit from people who know there stuff: http://www.autolamps-online.com/products/h7kit.htm
Shipping FREE worldwide.
Here are some pics of their kit being installed into a GIV headlight http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=217911&a=12799893&f=0
any questions about this please mail me or IM me!
I have used their kits and I have had no problem so far.
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