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Photshop help?

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I'm doing an '81 Rabbit 'Vert, and I can't decide whether to paint it or leave it the color it is. Body is straight, paint is newer Alpine white, but needs some touchup and clear coating, but if I'm going to paint it, I need to do at least the engine bay before I install the engine/trans. SO, if someone would be so kind as to photshop an Alpine white cabby with a tan top and gold wheels, that would help me make the decision. If I don't keep it white, I'll probably go for silver with a grey top and anthracite powdercoated wheels. TIA TIA TIA. -P- http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Photshop help? (rabbitmania)

RabbitManIA- Yeah, I have maroon cabby kit parts that I'm temporarily hanging on there to see how it will look, and the two-tone maroon/white is INteresting, but it makes the cabby kit look too much like an afterthought and not part of the car.
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