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Pic of my A2, this better work . . .

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[Modified by Marcoose, 12:56 AM 4-1-2003]
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Re: Pic of my A2, this better work . . . (Marcoose)

I think you just need the then the link [IMG/] Let me take a crack at it. Screw it I tried and I can't get it either. Man we need a easier way to post pics on this thing. It is a PITA.

[Modified by Caleb, 10:35 PM 11-29-2001]

[Modified by Caleb, 10:36 PM 11-29-2001]
Re: Pic of my A2, this better work . . . (Marcoose)

try http://www.webshots.com, they work pretty good.
Re: Hmmmm . . . (A2GTI_8V)

very very nice http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif love the smoked sidemarkers on the white
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Re: Hmmmm . . . (eightvalvejettacarat)

nice Macroose ! Are you coming on Dec 16th to the meet?
Go to Canada Forum or VW Insider.com
Sign your name up there! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif I wanna see all the MK2's out in force !
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Re: Hmmmm . . . (2FST8v)

Nice car.
You cant post pics with a free photopoint account. They dont allow it unless you get their paid account.
Re: Hmmmm . . . (duff_man2000)

quote:[HR][/HR]so we gotta pay to put pics up through them? that's HeLLa lame.......[HR][/HR]​
Capitalism, dood!
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Re: Hmmmm . . . (155VERT83)

hey, what kind of wheels are those? they look like SSR competitions, one of my favorite wheels, but not quite.
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