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Picture Post? How to Post Pics....

Trying to post pics of our 99.5 Jetta.

I just figured it out, too!!!!!

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Heres a bigger version.

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Whoops, lets try this again!

How to post pics? If you already have a site hosting your pics (clubphoto, others) then go to one of your pictures that is already being displayed on the site. Right click on it, go to properties.
Highlight the address of the pic (should be like *http://a0.cpimg.com/image/4E/2B/8707150-5b8d-028001E0-.jpg or something like that) and hit copy.
then to post it on vortex, click on the image button, so it displays [*IMG][/IMG]
and paste that selection from your photo site in between the IMG's. like so:
do that, without the asterick

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