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pictures of kits

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I'd like to see pictures of turbo or supercharger kits (either installed or not) on Rabbits. I don't care about the power plant. I am in the final stages of installing a turbo kit that I put together onto an 8v in my Rabbit. I'm just curious about the different setups, and some of the things people have done to dress them up a little. For instance, I used the turbo and exhaust manifold from a turbo diesel jetta, warm up regulator from an Audi 5000, intercooler from a Supra (mounted in front of the rad in my car), a cam from Drake, and a few other little things like that. Can't wait to get it together.
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Re: pictures of kits (S. Goertzen)

Heres one, not a kit though.
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Re: pictures of kits (BUNNYLOVE)


Heres one, not a kit though.[HR][/HR]​
thats relaly beautiful... tell me more about it sometime..
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Re: pictures of kits (S. Goertzen)

Mine so far is similar to Carlitos. The only major visual difference is that I have a front mount intercooler which means more piping. Nothing really pretty, but pretty don't make power.
Re: pictures of kits (bluerrrabbit)

QUOTE]Also not really a kit:
supercharged yumminess!
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Re: pictures of kits (A1speedracer)

Holy jesus, I'm in love.....
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