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Pissed off....need some help!

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Ok...After puttin a couple hundred in my 1986 16V to get it running right it is now messed up again! What really makes me mad is that it is the same damn problem?!?! I replaced both the in-tank pump and the external pump. I bought a new air filter, new distributor cap and rotor. I also cleaned out my gas tank because it was all rusted and had all kinds of crap. I'm thinkin that the problem has to be fuel, it has problems acceleratin and it hesitates pretty bad around 3grand. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it or have any idea what it could be? I'm going to replace the pumps once again because I think they burnt up again because they are whinning pretty bad and I have a lifetime warranty so it really doesnt matter. I'm also going to once again clean out my gas tank and replace my fuel filters. What else should I check?

Anyone know any good VW repair shops in jacksonville Florida
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Re: Pissed off....need some help! (86Scirocco16v)

Check the impedence (with a multi-meter) of your ignition wires. Mine were horrible.
Re: Pissed off....need some help! (86Scirocco16v)

Ok, here was my problem:
Stop light, light turned green, began to go, as the car began to lunge forward, and back.....i put it in neutral, and began to coast...when the engine died, and would not restart after this. I came on here and everyone told me it was FUEL related...So, I replaced the IN-tank pump, and the external pump, as well as the fuel filter. PROBLEM...STILL THERE...Turns out, it was my ....ALTERNATOR!!! The voltage regulator was going out, but I wanted to upgrade to a 90amp anyways...So i went ahead and replaced the alternator, haven't had any problems since...
Does this sound similar???
Hope This helped!!! Good Luck!!!
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Re: Pissed off....need some help! (Scirocc08v)

Possibly the hall sender in the distributor. I know the 16V distributor is a little different than my 8V car, but that's exactly what was wrong with my 'Rocco.
Hope this helps.
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