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pistons for a 1.8L block..

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If i bore out my 1.8L to 2.0L what larger pistons could i use ?
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Re: pistons for a 1.8L block.. (rebel_eye)

You have several choices. You could use VW Mahle cast pistons(pricey) or aftermarket forged pistons from a bunch of sources. Techtonics, Autotech, JE pistons, Wiseco, maybe Eurospec, etc. Not sure what the max. over bore would be but stock would be 82.5mm. You can get 83 and maybe stock cast in two oversizes above 82.5.
Re: pistons for a 1.8L block.. (A1Rocco)

I wouldn't go above 82.75mm, the engine can never be rebuilt again if you go any bigger. You could go to 83 mm but that leave no room for error. The max on that block is 83mm however. I wouldn't recomend it though. If you want even more displacment you would have to change the stroke.
Re: pistons for a 1.8L block.. (CARVER)

My friend brought his JH up to 2033cc with 83.5mm pistons and a 92.8mm crank. No problems after 70,000 miles of use.
Re: pistons for a 1.8L block.. (Lunitixx)

nice, i love a worked 8v http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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