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Hi folks:
My friend Irene has a 98 Passat that has given her grief recently. She noticed:
1) a power stering fluid leak between the bottle and reservoir/(cooler?)
2) a CEL. The dealer told her it was a bad MAF, it couldn't be cleaned, and that (this is funny) "we've never seen one of these break before".
3) a broken vacuum hose from the manifold to all the other switches. This is the 20V engine.
Have any of you folks encountered any of these problems. What should she expect to pay for parts and labor? She got quoted from 900 to 1200 for it all.
I know the MAF is at least a 200 dollar part -- could cleaning it really work?
As for the vacuum hose -- is this really a 250 dollar part? And what couldve caused the power steering leak?
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