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Please help diagnose my HID problem!!! :(

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First off, these HID retrofits are 2nd hand, I bought them off the previous owner for a really good price. He told me these are K2 8000K HID kits (but the bulbs aren't coated, and it's really not THAT blue compared to other 8000K kits. anyway~). The ballasts are Phillips LVQ 212-L300, and the bulbs have no name...i was told they are made in korea.
I've been happily using these for over a year now with no problems, but lately the passenger side HID has failed. I want to know if it is the ballast or the bulb that I need to replace.
My problem: As of now, the lights start up occasionally, and if they do start up, they flicker 4-5 times before lighting up constantly. Sometimes it just flickers and dies. Anyway, IF the lights do start up, after 1 minute of constant light output, the light will flicker several times, and then die.
This is a video of me turning up the light, then the light dies after i switch on the fog lights.
This is a video of the light showing constant light, then dies after i switch on the fog lights.
NOTE: usually i don't even need to switch on the fogs to make the HID die. If i keep driving for 1-2 mins they will die out eventually.
I am guessing that it's a ballast problem but I am not sure. Can anybody help me? Much thanks.

As a bonus, I've included a sound clip of my 2.5" brullen turbo back.

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Re: Please help diagnose my HID problem!!! :( (BananaCo)

oh one more thing, I haven't done any kind of waterproofing on the ballast and wires. I know, i'm kicking myself for never getting around to do it.

so it *might* be water getting in.
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Re: Please help diagnose my HID problem!!! :( (BananaCo)

It quite possibly could be a ballast problem. And I've had quite a bit of ballast problems and experience. In my experience though, a ballast will have the hardest time igniting the bulb (when it's hot) and if it's going to fail it'll do it then.
It seems like your lamp is igniting but then cutting out later???
I looked at both vids and to me it just looks like a failing bulb. Why? Well, mostly b/c of how it ignites first then cuts out.
Do you have any "ghetto" wiring of any sort, b/c if you do just double-check it real good for any exposed wires (from radiator fans, engine movement, etc...). If not, your next step (and my best suggestion) would be to switch out either your ballasts or your bulbs to the other side (whichever is easiest).
This is only happening on that passenger side, right? If so, then switch sides...
Personally, I'd switch out the bulb to the other side first. Failure rate on those Korean-made bulbs seems to be anywhere w/in the first 6 mos to 1yr so I'd be willing to guess them first.
If the problem stays on the pass side then you KNOW it's not the bulb. Then switch out the ballast.
A Philips ballast can go bad too. I've had it happen (due to non-manufacturer caused problems thought). It just isn't as common as an asian-made bulb malfunctioning.
Let us know how it works (when you swap sides).
As you know I'm sure...swap only the bulbs or the ballasts - not both.


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Re: Please help diagnose my HID problem!!! :( (nater)

its a relay problem..i had hte EXACT same problem and had to put in a relay harness and never had the problem again....HIDs use a lot of voltage on startup, and sometimes they wont give problems, sometimes they will.... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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yea, I kinda went through the same thing...turned out to be a bad relay....I would have to flick it until it came on and it would stay on until I turned the car off, then I'd have to flick the relay again....put new relays in and they work perfect again
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