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Please help w/ Vag-com!!

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Guys I just bought a Vag-com from Ross tech and it doesn't work b/c of my aftermarket radio. I called and they told me how to fix it but it was so technical that I got confused. Can anyone explain it to me in simpler terms??
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Re: Please help w/ Vag-com!! (shanie)

Ok, pull radio, find "K-wire" cut/yank the wire from the wiring harness, tape it off or remove entirely, and be on your merry way.
I don't have a diagram of which wire is the K wire on me right now, it was I believe a pink wire on my wiring harness. If you find any of the how-to's people have posted it'll be in there.
Re: Please help w/ Vag-com!! (slugman)

it's the blue wire on the factory end of the plug
dark/med blue....
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