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Please Help!

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I just had my car at the dealership and had the coolant temp sensor, idle air stabilizer replaced, and a general tune-up. But 2 weeks later(today) my car is hesitating at low throttle. If you push the throttle a bit it kicks in and runs fine. but as soon as you try to maintain any speed it starts hesitating again. The idle drops really low for a second (but will idle fine) when you take your foot off the gas. I looked in my Bentley manual, but of course there's like 10 different things to trouble shoot, i just don't have the time or the facilities right now to check them. Has anyone run into this problem, and if so what was it? I am probably going to go back to the dealership with this problem( but they are out of town, so it is a pain for me to get there) Any Help would be great.

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Re: Please Help! (VeeDub90)

Powell River, wow. Were gettin' all the BC boys representin'.

The be honest it could be any of those ten things. You HAVE to go thru the troubleshooting procedures and use a multimeter. You may not want to bother but you can either learn how to diagnos your own car problems or pay the dealer $60-$75 an hour to do it for you. Chances are they will replace several items in an effort to fix the problem and if you are lucky they will, many times they don't and then it goes back. I think this happens becuase they don't want to take too much time but they want it to look like they have accomplished something toward the repair or else they look inept.
Lots of guys who either don't want to use the manual or have no idea what hey are doing wil just start bying replacement parts hoping to replace the broken one and make it work, nice waste of money. But if you have aparts car or a friend as a doner you can try replaceing stuff and it won't cost anything, that's not a bad way to do it. Sometimes parts that test OK can still be faulty. Just remember the repalcement might be too.
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