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Polished intake manifold?

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is the upper intake manifold on the 2.0s a polish able metal? im willing to devote much time into getting all those nasty black spots off my intake manifold.

MY plan.
Tools: 220 grit sandpaper for orbit sander
400 grit wet sandpaper
1000 grit wet sand paper
wire brush
mothers aluminum&mag polish
estimated time for completion:8 hours lol

has any one done this and have pictures?
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Wrong forum. but yeah you can polish it...it's aluminum. My suggestion:

Start with a rougher grit, like 40-60. Then jump to 220 and then go as high as you want. May take longer than 8 hours depending upon how meticulous you are.
If you're interested I can polish it for you. Pm me if so, also check my threads to see the quality of my work for refrence. :thumbup:
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