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Hi everybody, this is my first post on vw vortex forums and I would like to share this with you. I own a 2001 1.6lt beetle. I decide to change the Pollen filter on my cabin so I took my Haynes manual and start doing it. As I remove the dash panels to have access to the filter I discover that the whole area was full of dirt as you can see on the pictures. Lot of leaves there along with dirt and dust. By no means that was the dirtiest area of my car. I bought the car second hand and I believe that the previous owner parked the car near or under trees that’s why it was like this, anyway, the filter itself was blocked with dirt, so took my wife’s vacuum cleaner to remove all the leaves and then I use water and a brush to clean all the interior area. You don’t have to worry about where the water goes because there is one big drain hole on each corner, these are the drain holes that the water from the rain ends to. It’s not an easy task because you have to be careful with water not to damage the ECM unit which is located there. After I clean every think as good as I could I found that the two plastic panels that covers the ECM and filter area have a polyester insulation probably for the sound. This insulation was dirty also and when I use compressed air to clean it the whole insulation start decomposing to dust. So I went to the VW dealer to see if there was a spare part and they told my that it goes with the cover for 25 euros each. I decide to change it by myself so I bought a new and better insulation material from a shop that repairing car interiors and use the original filter as a pattern to make my own i put to layers in each panel. Finally I put everything back and the result is improved air circulation and even better sound insulation.

[IMG] [URL]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/gordinir8/DSC01307.jpg[/IMG[/URL]]
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