Fresh off his class win in a Skoda at Monte Carlo , Andreas Mikkelsen says he hasn’t given up on racing the 2017 VW Polo R WRC this year. While it’s certain that the car won’t race the full season, Mikkelsen hopes he can get the car into three rallies this year.

“The aim is to be back in a factory car and fighting for the world championship next season,” Mikkelsen  told Autosport. “But this year, we’re looking at three rallies in the Polo ’17 car.”

Mikkelsen revealed that he had initially hoped to enter the Polo into Rally Sweden (February 9), but that the trouble homologating the car has caused him to give up those ambitions. Instead, he’s focused on entering the Vadofone Rally de Portugal in mid-May.

"I have done so much testing in the Polo, it's the only car I know how to drive!” Mikkelsen told Autosport. “I want to drive this one, it would be nice to make that the reality. I have to find sponsors and we have to find out what is possible for the homologation.”


Following VW’s late exit from WRC, Mikkelsen found himself without a ride for this season. Despite attempts from Qatar’s Nasser Al-Attiyah to run the team for the full season , there wasn't enough time to get the car ready for the season.

The Polo’s chances now hinge on homologation, which is unsure. While some teams seem to have issue with approving the VW for racing, Hyundai has proven to be a sticky wicket.

Another meeting that will hopefully determine the fate of the Polo R WRC is coming soon. “We need to look into this and as soon as possible,” said Jarmo Mahonen, FIA rally director.

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