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poly control arms-positive and negatives

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A couple weeks ago, Black Forest Industries had a sale on OEM cotrol arms with poly already installed. They were a great deal. I am installing these this weekend with a bunch of other goodies. But with all the talk on how bad poly really is and such, do you guys think i should rethink going with these control arms because of the poly mounts? I would really appreciate some feedback, as the technical jargon from the other thread was diificult to swallow.
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Re: poly control arms-positive and negatives (2.Not So Slow....)

i had a set of poly control arm bushings on my corrado that the po had on there. the suspension made all kinds of noise pops and cracks so i got rid of them and put the tt and R32 bushings and all is well. and another good things is the suspension goes to full droop when raised. but still feels as tight as the polys did. just my experience http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: poly control arms-positive and negatives (2.Not So Slow....)

i've had poly and varying results w/ it. i'd stay w/ stock rubber for the smaller barrel shaped bushing and TT solid/harder rubber for the rear.
better yet spherical bearings.
if i was to install poly i would do so on the front most part of the control arm and keep it well lubed, but def have either a spherical bearing or stock/TT/R32 rubber on the rear ward bushing.
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