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Re: Poorly Rated Crash tests (lip)

F150 crash test shown how "tough" a Ford truck is.
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Re: Poorly Rated Crash tests (A4Jetta)

quote:[HR][/HR]Some occupant compartment deformation occurred even on the passenger side, which is unusual in an offset crash on the driver side[HR][/HR]​
(that;s from the blazer) man, that comment is really biting...haha why didn't they just say outright that this car is a piece of sh!t, and it can't do anything right.
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Re: Poorly Rated Crash tests (AndrewT)

Even these cars are a lot safer than the cars that precedded them 10 years. Does GM not care about safety??? It seems Ford is getting its act together with the new Exploder and German car brands have had it together for a while, but come on GM!!! Your cars should not be rated poor, marginal, or even acceptable!!! IIHS will stop testing when all nw cars on the market recieve a good rating, and most manufactures are coming near that goal, but it seems GM is only improving slightly.
Re: Poorly Rated Crash tests (JettaBoy04)

Gm doesn't give a #[email protected] about car safety. Ford pays lots of lip service to it, but they design their cars to do well on the easier NHTSA test. They usually fail miserably on the more stringent IIHS tests.
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