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I've narrowed this down to either the axles or the steering rack.
When my cars been sitting for a while, and I start to drive off. I hear both the L and R front end make a loud pop.
usually when I slowly start to apply some steering to it.

I've also noticed that after I park, I can hear/feel the car "settle" "snap" back into place on front L/R. like the revers or the original pop.

So something is popping out of place when I take off, then it slides back into place when the car is at rest.

Inspection found NOTHING.
bushings are flawless. tierods, ball joints, coilovers, mounts, all flawless.
retorqued the subframe bolts also.
axles looks good visually.
Steering rack shows no problems at all.
steering works fine.

The only things I can think would be problems with the cv joint underneath the cv boot.
or something unseeable inside the steering rack.

Any idea which it could be?
or any other ideas?

MK1 8n audi tt 225 quattro 1.8t 6spd.

MK6 Golf R / 65’ Baja Bug
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Sounds to me like where the joints meet in the boot are popping themself out. Happened in my mk4. Soon as I got it out of the hub it literally fell apart lol
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