In news that will surprise approximately zero people, the most profitable new car for an automaker is the Porsche 911. That's from new data from Bloomberg Intelligence that shows that yes, Porsche's profitability from the supercar even beats out some seriously high-dollar exotics.

Of course, it's probably not a surprise if you've ever checked out the options list. We managed to add more than $15,000 worth of leather to the interior of a Carrera S without even including the cost of the hide on the seats. When you can add four-figure options to just about every component of the car, it's likely that Porsche makes it worth their while.

While the new 911 is only about 11 percent of brand sales, says the report, the car represents about 30 percent of earnings. And that's before the Turbo and the GTs arrive. "If you assume they sell 10,000 Turbos anyway, plus GT3 and Turbo S's, just the Turbo variants of the 911 alone could actually mean half a billion dollars in terms of profit for Porsche," said Bloomberg analyst Michael Dean.

While it beats everything else for adding the most to the company's bottom line, it's not the highest profit per vehicle. The report puts the margin on the Ferrari F8 Tributo at 50 percent, just 3 percent better than the 911. Next on the list is the BMW X5 at just 25 percent, making up 16 percent of BMW's total bottom line. Dean says, though, that when the higher-spec 911s come out that the margins on those cars will exceed 50 percent. Making it even more of a cash cow for Porsche.

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