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port and polish head

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How much HP and torque gain is expected from a p&p head with cams and proper software? What brand do u recommend? This is 4 an MK4........my mods are below on my signature....
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Re: port and polish head (coldbanana1)

i would like to know, as i have a chance to get one for 600 bucks....but this is for MKIII vr6 obdI
Re: port and polish head (coldbanana1)

Just because a head has been "port & polished" doesn't mean it's going to automatially produce x hp, like an air filter. The shaping of the runners, texture and blending plays a major role. You can have "Corky" with a Dremel, going to town and all you'll get is a bigger hole and no low end power...
What are your goals? Low end or upper rpm power? Upper end with no low end loss? When people label their good P&P, question it a little further.
You can see 8+ wheel hp with the proper porting job, 15+ wheel hp with the installation of +2mm Schrick intake vavles and 20+ wheel with the addition of Schrick 268's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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