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Positive Dealer Experience - Garnet VW Chadds Ford Pa.(longish)

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fyi : the positive stuff is a the end - but setup is needed.
Two weeks ago I bought a leftover 2001.5 Candy White GLX w/tip (wife). Got the car for 27100. Probably could have done better but he met my price and I wanted the car!

I had gotten to the dealer late, I needed to get home so the paperwork was rushed. I admit that I did not take a calculator to everthing.
Drive the car and love it
. A week later I look at the paperwork. The total price of the car is 200 higher on the finance agreement, but on the Agreement of Sale the price of the car is correct. I calc the numbers on the Agreement of Sale and the numbers don't add up.
I look though the rest of my work, the card to "register the etching" (whatever that is) had a $200 fee. Again I admit I did not review all the docs. The fiance manager did not tell me that it was an "option".
What can I do? They got me. I am contractually bound at this point.
I send an email to the dealer, telling them that I thought it was a rather deceptive business practice to "sneak" in the etching.
I get a call from the Finance Manger the next day. He appologies. Acknowledges the "missing numbers". Wants to make it right. He sends me a check for the 200 plus the tax. (sounded like he could have done more, but I did not get greedy).
He said he wanted the buying experience to be positive for me. That I would shake his hand when I see him instead of avoiding him.
I subscribe to the premise that "if you drive away - they got you". But I respect Garnet for satisfing me. The did not "have" to, they had contracts on their side.
They have definately won my loyalty.
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