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Possibe cause; damage to ECU

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Can tack arc-welding on exhaust damage circuitry in ECM/ECU with out disconnecting battery? Cruise control in-operative and DTC generated in 00 GTU 1.8t.
Can soldering chip socket to ECU cause damage to part of the ECU?
ECU works fine except intermittent DTC 17972?
Trying to determine if ECU was damaged at install or was factory defective.
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Re: Possibe cause; damage to ECU (9VW23yrs)

Yes to both of your questions. You can also fry your ECU by jump starting your car with booster cables.... the spark/arc when you connect the leads can be fatal I am afraid....
Re: Possibe cause; damage to ECU (Vagelis)

I've posted this at the VW-A4-18T group.
This is my situation. I sent out what was supposedly a new ECU to get
chipped. Did the adaptation routine, activated cruise control, re-
coded wsc. Car runs fine 'cept for DTC 17972 Idle Speed Contr.
Throttle Pos. Low Voltage During Adaptation-Intermittent. I can clear
the code with the ignition on, but cannot clear with engine running.
I also get DTC 17977 j45 implausible signal Criuse control is toast.
Now I'm thinking bad ECU because I put my original and no DTC 17972
just DTC 17977 toasted cruise. Then I remember that got some exhaust
work done and the guy tack welded on my car. But I saw he had the
batttery disconnected, but not sure if he disconnected before welding
or to put the new ECU in. I'm trying to get my facts straight so I
can plan my next steps to figure this mess out.
thanks for your help,
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Re: Possibe cause; damage to ECU (Vagelis)

I just had an exhaust welded and I've had my ECU soldered, no problems. Doesn't mean that it COULDN'T cause problems.
As far as the jump starting goes, you're right on...I fried my GIAC chip when I jumped someone. I'll never make THAT mistake again.
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