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Check out this test mule spied testing in the Alps. Outwardly, there's not much oddball about the car. Other than a low ride height and what looks like some aluminum foil stuck to the nose, you wouldn't think much of it. Around back though (more pics after the jump), there's a quad exhaust. This is definitely a mule, and no it's not a Cajun as confirmed by those Ingolstadt plates.

So what is it? It's a possible Q5 S. We found the shots and a report about it over on Motor Authority. They think a 3.0 TFSI (like the S4) will power the Q5 S. We're already pretty sure the Q5 is due to get the 3.0T as a standard engine, replacing the 3.2 sort of like it has in the A6 lineup. If that's the case, then expect something else... not as high-powered as the 4.0 TFSI..... and maybe a diesel.

Be sure to check out more photos after the jump.

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